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A Week’s Worth of Chicken Recipes

Who doesn’t love a new recipe for chicken?  It’s a nice lean (as long as you remove the skin) source of protein, and usually pretty quick and easy to prepare.  In fact, chicken is the number one source of protein in America, and according to the National Chicken Council, our per capita consumption is about 83 pounds each year!   

With all that chicken being eaten, baking, roasting, or barbecuing gets old after a while.  That’s when I forage through my folder full of recipe clippings to try and shake things up a bit.  Here’s how I’m eating chicken these days:



Grilled Jerk Chicken from



Roasted Chicken and Pesto Pizza from



Crispy Baked Chicken Spring Rolls from


Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sandwich from



Chicken Breasts with Apricot Onion Pan Sauce from



Easy Chicken Fajitas from



Chicken Tortilla Soup from



 Tip! The skin is full of fat, (much of it saturated), but it won’t soak in to the chicken when cooking, so feel free to keep it on so the chicken stays moist while cooking. Just remove it before eating.

Also, when buying ground chicken, or chicken sausages, make sure you look for the words “chicken breast” on the label. Otherwise, the package contains dark meat, and probably chicken skin and fat.

If you have any favorite chicken recipes, please share them!


Eat well!

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