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America’s Test Kitchen Cookbooks

I collect cookbooks and must have accumulated hundreds over the years. I pick them up when I travel, as a reminder of the place I visited, and I usually can’t resist a new cookbook when I’m browsing a bookstore.  Periodically, I review my collection, purge, donate, or pass on those that I don’t use as much.  My collection has grown to include quite a few books from America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated, and these I never give up.

Anyone who likes to cook knows that creating the perfect recipe involves a good deal of trial and error.  Sometimes you hit it right, and other times, not so much.  I discovered America’s Test Kitchen  many years ago, when a friend introduced me to Cook’s Illustrated magazine. America’s Test Kitchen is an actual mega-test kitchen based outside of Boston.  They test and retest thousands of recipes each year, until they get each one just right – and they publish the best of every recipe in their Cook’s Illustrated Magazine, Cook’s Illustrated Cookbooks, and America’s Test Kitchen Cookbooks.  Their books and magazines also include incredibly helpful product and ingredient reviews, as well as recommendations for the best cooking tools.  In case you can’t get enough of the books, they also produce a television series, which airs on PBS stations.

I have never, ever been disappointed with one of their recipes, and I have learned so much about cooking (why things work, and why they don’t) from their publications.  I highly recommend these cookbooks!



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  1. I love Cook’s Illustrated, but I’ve yet to check out their cookbooks. I really should!

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