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Summer Fruit Crumble

OMG.  I am SO very sorry for all of the dessert recipes lately.  Said NO ONE ever!  Who doesn’t love a fresh, fruity dessert on a hot, summer night?  Summer just wouldn’t be summer without a crumble that’s heaped full of the gorgeous array of fruit that’s so ridiculously cheap right now. They’re really like the queen of all quick and easy summer desserts.

I kind of over did it on nectarines the other day – I think they were about $0.79 a pound.  Can you blame me?  So of course, they were the star of the show.  And because variety is the spice of life, I tossed in some blackberries.  And if that wasn’t enough, I somehow won a lovely package of gold kiwifruit from the wonderful folks at Zespri – so naturally they had to be invited to the crumble party too. Continue Reading..

Chunky Monkey Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches

Oh my apologies for missing the boat on banana ice cream.  I’ve read about it and seen recipes on Pinterest, and yes, I was totally aware that it is a fat free, dairy free frozen ice cream-like dessert, but I think, because I’m not totally in love with bananas, I neglected to try it.  I was wrong.  Please forgive me, for I knew not what I was missing.  Banana ice cream is the BOMB.  Especially when you zhuzh it up a bit.  And that’s what I did for you today.  Cause I’m late.  To the party. Continue Reading..

Wild Blueberry Lemon Chia Pudding

I’m on a bit of a dessert kick lately.  It’s because of all of the fresh and beautiful fruit that’s everywhere this time of the year.  I can’t get enough when I’m at the store, but sooner or later plain old fresh fruit gets a little bit… yawn.  So I’m on a mission to make as many fresh fruit desserts as possible before this fresh fruit season thing is over, and we’re left with… Apples.  Nothing wrong with them, but talk about getting old fast.  In the mean time, let’s enjoy the fruits of the season, shall we?! Continue Reading..

Watermelon Lime Snow Bowls

Here’s that the dictionary says about Dessert:

the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal.
“a dessert of chocolate mousse”

Did someone say chocolate mousse?  Yes please!  I’m definitely one of those people who likes something sweet after dinner.  Not lunch.  Just dinner.  For me, it’s definitely a mental thing.  If I have cake, cookies, ice cream or maybe I really struck gold and have chocolate mousse in the house, it MUST be eaten after dinner.  However, if I have nothing “dessert-y” in the house, I’m good with a piece of fruit.  Because I’m a good little nutritionist, I usually have fruit.  Sigh… Continue Reading..

Honey Sea Salt Labneh

Can we all just stop for a second and think back really hard, to what our lives were like before Greek yogurt?  Kind of like before cell phones. Or laptops. Or Google. We never knew what we were missing, but try to live without it now…  Oh, lord, I can’t even imaging going back.  OK maybe Greek yogurt doesn’t belong in the same class as Google, but ever since Chobani and Fage became household words, I’ve personally been hooked, and I know that a few other people out there are too. Continue Reading..

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Pudding Shots

Happy Recipe ReDux day friends! Hey – who says Valentine’s is just one day? It’s still February, which means we can continue with the chocolate love, and oh boy are we ever! This month, members of the Recipe ReDux were challenged to find a friend (or two) for chocolate and to share our healthier chocolate combo recipes.

The funny thing is — chocolate does not need my help to find a friend. It’s gotta be the most popular kid on the block, because I personally couldn’t think of anything that doesn’t go perfectly with chocolate. Let’s see… milk, peanut butter, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, coffee, nuts, coconut, peppermint… you get the picture. Continue Reading..

52 Shades of Green – How to Love Avocados all Year Long

Remember when avocados used to be that exotic and curiously interesting food found only in Mexican restaurants?  Well, times have changed, and avocados are definitely now the cool kids on the block – the fruit that every other member of the produce aisle wants to be!  They’re lovely, luscious and deliciously decadent to eat, and now they’re popping up everywhere – even in dessert.

Even though they’re high in fat (that’s what makes them so buttery and luscious), avocados are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. They’re full of monounsaturated fat that can help to reduce your cholesterol. Here’s another bit of news – a very recent study showed that avocados could help with weight loss, and keep your insulin levels more stable, if you eat ½ of an avocado at lunch. They’re also full of lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and they help to boost the nutrients in other foods you eat.  So – no, they’re not just a pretty green thing to put on your chips anymore. Continue Reading..

Black Forest Molten Chocolate Cake

Juuuust in case you’re looking for something special to serve for Valentine’s Day – or just for yourself – you can stop looking ‘cause you’ve found it! There is no dessert more delicious and Valentine’s Day worthy than Molten Chocolate Cake. Warm and rich with an explosion of melted chocolate-y amazingness inside. Holy I’ve Just Died and Gone to Chocolate Heaven. Continue Reading..

Spiced Winter Fruit Compote with Raisin Balsamic Syrup

By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by the California Raisin Marketing Board and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time.


If you like to cook or bake, the holidays are always kind of a free pass to just get all crazy and wild with really exotic recipes that you probably would never think to try if you weren’t all hyped up on sugar plums and candy canes and Christmas glitter.  It’s usually the only time of year I’ll make a decadent flourless chocolate cake, or individual chocolate soufflés, or beef wellington. Continue Reading..

Cranberry Orange Almond Shortbread Cookies

These slice and bake shortbread cookies are unbelievably delicious and ridiculously easy.  Make some for Christmas!

Are you a year-round cookie baker, or just a holiday baker?  Or are you one of the smart ones who doesn’t bake at all!  Christmas cookies are lots of work, which is usually “rewarded” with lots of cookie eating, and we all know what happens then.  I personally love cookies, which means I really have to limit my baking.  I’ve been known to devour an entire Loaded Granola Skillet Cookie over the course of a few days.  For breakfast.  Yep.  I do love cookies. Continue Reading..

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