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5 Signs You’re Not Going To Gain Weight Over the Thanksgiving Weekend

Are you ready to loosen your belt buckle? Ask any nutritionist, and we’ll all tell you that most Americans see Thanksgiving as a reason to indulge on anything and everything, and as a result, most will end up gaining at least a little bit of weight after 4 days of non-stop feasting. If you don’t get on top of it, those few pounds become 5-10 pounds by December 30 for many. So what’s the secret to coming out of the coma at the same weight you went in? Here are 5 signs you’re going to be OK:

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You’ll Never Miss Them – Calorie Saving Thanksgiving Swaps

In just one week, Americans will be gearing up for the annual nonstop eating fest known as Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the day that’s meant to celebrate all that we are thankful for, will also include some of that – in between bites of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, squash, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and anything else I might have left out.

Did you know that the average adult eats about 4,500 calories worth of Thanksgiving dinner? Considering most men need only about 2,200 and most women can get by on about 1,600, that’s a mouthful – or a day and a half full of calories just in one meal. Here’s the good news though – Even though most of us do step on the scale at some point during the Thanksgiving weekend to assess the damage, it’s actually pretty impossible to gain weight from just one day of gluttony. Continue Reading..

Lunch Hour Fitness Routines

Hello!  I’m on vacation today, so this post is sponsored by Go Vibrant.  We can all benefit from a mid-day workout, so here are ome great ideas to help you burn a few calories and get in shape during your lunch hour.  Close your office door, or gather up a few co-workers and do these routines in the conference room.  You’ll thank yourself afterward.  Enjoy!


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5 Habits of Healthy Eaters

Have you ever known someone who seems like they can eat anything and never put on a pound? Or maybe you’re one of those people who swears that you’ll gain weight just by looking at a pan of brownies? There is some truth to the good versus bad metabolism – some people do tend to store more calories while others tend to burn more. But it’s not really as significant as you might think.

A person’s body composition plays a role in their metabolism – those with more muscle mass will burn more calories. A person’s need to fidget or move around more also plays a big role. We all know toe tappers, finger drummers and those who just can’t seem to sit still. People like that tend to have a better metabolism because all those little activities add up and burn calories. But there are other day-to-day healthy habits that those thinner people have adopted, and those are the things that distinguish the healthier eaters (and healthier bodies), from the rest. Continue Reading..

Do You Have To Be Thin To Be Healthy?

In my job as an outpatient dietitian, I see lots of people with chronic diseases who are also very overweight.  Most have diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure, and I’m not gonna lie – most are overweight because they don’t exercise and they don’t eat very well.  But there are many others that I see, who are overweight despite the fact that they eat very well most of the time and they exercise.  The difference is that the healthier eaters and exercisers usually don’t have the chronic diseases.  That’s great of course, but they’re always frustrated because they can’t get down to “their ideal weight”.  Continue Reading..

Health Food Impostors

Have you noticed that there’s a new “health food” out practically every time you go to the grocery store?  It’s hard to ignore the advertising and all of the “expert claims” that promise to make you healthier, help your body to work better, and give you more energy.  With so many magic foods and beverages available to us, it’s a wonder we aren’t all super-human.  So should you jump on the bandwagon and believe all the hoopla, or are these products really health food impostors?  Here are some common products that nutritionists see lots of people using, and how we really feel about them. Continue Reading..

5 Reasons Your Job is Making You Fat

If you’re reading this at work, and you’re lucky enough to have a good job, chances are your paycheck is padding more than your wallet.  Most Americans work so much that it takes over our lives. All that work and no play leads to stress, overeating, and under-exercising, and it’s a major reason so many people are overweight.  Here are 5 things that are keeping you from losing weight, and what you can do about them:  Continue Reading..

I’ll Have One of Those Too!

I couldn’t decide whether to title this post I’ll Have The Same Thing or OK Let’s Split an Appetizer or Sure, I’ll Get Dessert Too…  According to a recently published study, it seems that instead of “we are what WE eat,” we actually are what our PEERS eat.

Researchers in the UK analyzed fifteen different published research studies and determined consistently, that we eat the way our friends, family, and table mates eat. All of the research suggests that we will eat more when others around us are eating more, and we eat less when dining with lighter eaters. Continue Reading..

How To Trim 1000 Calories From Thanksgiving Dinner

Ladies and gentlemen, loosen your belt buckles…   Although it may have started for some of us when we bought the Halloween candy, for most Americans, Thanksgiving marks the official start of the Holiday Feasting Season.  With the average Thanksgiving dinner weighing in at over 3,000 calories (well over a day’s worth for almost everyone), and lots more eating in the weeks to come, it’s no wonder most of us will roll into 2014 at least a few pounds heavier.  To help rein in holiday weight gain, do some advance planning and try to make smart choices at the dinner table.  The following suggestions can shave at least 1,000 calories off of a typical Thanksgiving dinner: Continue Reading..

Save Room for Dessert

Recently, I found an interesting research study summary, that got me thinking about the way we (Americans anyway) eat.  The headline was “Dessert with meals may help kids eat fewer calories”.

The study was out of Purdue University, and published in the journal Appetite.  Researchers measured how the timing of dessert made a difference in how much lunch a group of children ate.  They found that the children ate more calories overall when their dessert was served after their lunch was cleared, than when dessert was served with lunch. Continue Reading..

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