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Two Ways to Make More Money

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like the older you get, the faster the world moves?  Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, I run across someone or something that’s better, faster, newer or more slick.  If you work in marketing or social media, or if you maintain a blog, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you want to make more money (or if you just want to survive), you’ve got to invest in your career, so you can keep learning and keep up with the world around you.

SO,  I wanted to share 2 things that I use and love. One and can help you get better at blogging, and both will help you to earn a little more money.

Not like “I’m rich” money, but more like “hey I just had a new pair of shoes” money deposited into my checking account.   Every little bit counts, right? Continue Reading..

The Smart Cook’s Secret Ingredient

Good cooks know that time-saving shortcuts are a must, and this super-convenient, secret ingredient will take your cooking to a whole new level!

There’s a new secret ingredient in my kitchen, and it’s your lucky day – because I’m in a sharing mood.

Continue Reading..

Why I Love The Vegetarian Flavor Bible

First of all, a big Thank You to the Meatless Monday Campaigns for sending me a free copy of The Vegetarian Flavor Bible by Karen Page, and inviting me to review it on my blog. I might have mentioned just a few times that I love cookbooks, and I own quite a few – some might even say too many! One thing I have very few of however, are cooking “reference books”. What’s a cooking reference book, you might be thinking? It’s a resource that helps you to be a better cook, so you can rely on cookbooks less, and on your creative instincts more – and that’s exactly what The Vegetarian Flavor Bible is. Continue Reading..

Skip the Diet. Get Slim By Design Instead

I was invited to review Slim By Design by the publisher, and I received a free copy of the book. I was not compensated for my time, but this post does include an affiliate link, and I will receive a small commission if you purchase the book through Amazon.  As always, all opinions are my own.


Brian Wansink PhD, is the Director of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab, and he has the coolest job in the world. Wansink and his team of researchers get to travel the world and go into peoples’ homes, workplaces, and basically anywhere food is served, and they watch what, when, and where and how people eat. They analyze what they see, how much people spend at restaurants, what’s in their grocery carts, and then, they make suggestions to change the eating environment to help individuals make better choices.

I love that, because as a registered dietitian nutritionist, we focus a lot on why people eat, and what they eat, and sometimes usually that’s a challenge. Most people have a really hard time tackling the whys-  too touchy-feely and emotional. And let’s not even start on the Eat-This –Not-That part of nutrition. I guess that’s why RDs have the Food Police reputation. Continue Reading..

How to Fix Your Broken Metabolism: The MD Factor Diet

I was asked to review The MD Factor Diet by the publisher, and I received a free copy of the book. I was not compensated for my time, but this post does include an affiliate link, which means that I will receive a small commission if you purchase the book through Amazon.  As always, all opinions are my own.

If you read my blog, you probably know, or can guess I’m not a big fan of “diets”. They just don’t work. I’ve worked with clients for long enough to know that the ones who come in with “Just tell me what to eat and I’ll do it”, are the first ones to not show up for their follow up appointments – and that’s not because they don’t need my services any longer. It’s the people who listen and learn, ask great questions, set their own goals, and create their own plan that are successful in making changes in their diet and their health.   Continue Reading..

Canning and Preserving 101

Are you a canner? Someone who knows how to prepare and store the summer’s freshest produce, so that you can savor its flavor no matter how cold the weather, or deep the snow? Or are you more like me – a bit intimidated by the secret world of canning, pressure cookers and sterilization techniques, and extremely terrified of giving the homemade gift of botulism?

Call me crazy or just really boring, but learning how to can fresh produce is actually on my bucket list. I think there’s nothing better than a jar of homemade salsa, preserves, or pickled anything. Proper canning of fruits and vegetables prevents the growth of microbes, including botulism, and helps ensure freshness, but the secret is to follow the rules and directions, which have been tested to ensure that the end product is safe to eat. Luckily, for those of us not quite ready to jump in the water bath, there are a variety of methods for preserving summer’s bounty, and lots of helpful resources available. Continue Reading..

Need a Great Mother’s Day Gift? Check out Craftsy

As the owner of this blog, it’s my policy to only promote products or companies that I use and recommend. I have an affiliate relationship with Craftsy, which means if you click on their link on this site and make a purchase, it can result in a small commission, which helps to maintain and run this blog. All opinions about them are 100% my own. Thanks so much for supporting Craving Something Healthy!

I pride myself on bring super organized, and always working ahead. You know, I start my Christmas shopping in September, I plan out my blog’s editorial calendar a month in advance, try to write at least a week ahead of time, I have set days of the week for house cleaning, laundry, yada yada… So it’s always surprising when birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day rolls around and I’m scrambling to pull something together. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t have any notice… Continue Reading..

A Few of My Favorite Things

Is it just me, or do November and December fly by so fast you can’t even remember them, and then time just stops every year from January until March?  Or until the end of April here in the Northeast.  They say that time speeds up as you get older, so I must be about 200 this year.  This year flew by at rapid pace fast for me.  I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of this blog (hooray!) and maybe blog time just moves faster… I feel like I was just writing about summer fruits and tomatoes, and here it is just about Christmas.   Hopefully you are nearing the end of your Christmas shopping, but just in case, I have some ideas for anyone who is a cook – or for you if you’ve been good this year.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite kitchen tools, and the things that make cooking so much more fun, and I’m in a sharing mood for the holidays! Continue Reading..

Need a Cookbook for Thanksgiving?

Hello dear reader!

Just a quick note today.  I posted this link on my Facebook page the other day, but just in case you didn’t see it, iTunes has the Williams-Somona Thanksgiving cookbook available for a free download this week .    It’s a great modern classic if you don’t have it, or if need a good last minute recipe or menu ideas.  It’s also full of great tips in it for anyone who is new to cooking Thanksgiving Dinner (which can be very scary!) and lots of mouthwatering photos.  I try to post helpful tips, recipes and giveaways from other bloggers and foodie and nutrition sites I follow, to my Facebook page, so it you’re interested, please Like it!

Eat well!


Fruit Bliss Apricot Almond Truffles

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received samples of Fruit Bliss Soft Dried Fruit to taste and review, and the opinions expressed are completely my own.

I’ve admitted many times, that I have a huge sweet tooth.  If it’s in the house, I’ll always go for sweet over salty, but I try to keep it healthy and stick to fruit -or at least something with fruit in it 🙂 for dessert or a sweet snack.  When fresh fruit doesn’t quite hit the spot, I go for my secret stock of dried fruit (you know, nature’s candy), maybe with a handful of dark chocolate chips -lots of antioxidants and just enough guilt-free sweetness to satisfy me.   Continue Reading..

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