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Canning and Preserving 101

Are you a canner? Someone who knows how to prepare and store the summer’s freshest produce, so that you can savor its flavor no matter how cold the weather, or deep the snow? Or are you more like me – a bit intimidated by the secret world of canning, pressure cookers and sterilization techniques, and extremely terrified of giving the homemade gift of botulism?

Call me crazy or just really boring, but learning how to can fresh produce is actually on my bucket list. I think there’s nothing better than a jar of homemade salsa, preserves, or pickled anything. Proper canning of fruits and vegetables prevents the growth of microbes, including botulism, and helps ensure freshness, but the secret is to follow the rules and directions, which have been tested to ensure that the end product is safe to eat. Luckily, for those of us not quite ready to jump in the water bath, there are a variety of methods for preserving summer’s bounty, and lots of helpful resources available. Continue Reading..

Need a Great Mother’s Day Gift? Check out Craftsy

As the owner of this blog, it’s my policy to only promote products or companies that I use and recommend. I have an affiliate relationship with Craftsy, which means if you click on their link on this site and make a purchase, it can result in a small commission, which helps to maintain and run this blog. All opinions about them are 100% my own. Thanks so much for supporting Craving Something Healthy!

I pride myself on bring super organized, and always working ahead. You know, I start my Christmas shopping in September, I plan out my blog’s editorial calendar a month in advance, try to write at least a week ahead of time, I have set days of the week for house cleaning, laundry, yada yada… So it’s always surprising when birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day rolls around and I’m scrambling to pull something together. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t have any notice… Continue Reading..

A Few of My Favorite Things

Is it just me, or do November and December fly by so fast you can’t even remember them, and then time just stops every year from January until March?  Or until the end of April here in the Northeast.  They say that time speeds up as you get older, so I must be about 200 this year.  This year flew by at rapid pace fast for me.  I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of this blog (hooray!) and maybe blog time just moves faster… I feel like I was just writing about summer fruits and tomatoes, and here it is just about Christmas.   Hopefully you are nearing the end of your Christmas shopping, but just in case, I have some ideas for anyone who is a cook – or for you if you’ve been good this year.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite kitchen tools, and the things that make cooking so much more fun, and I’m in a sharing mood for the holidays! Continue Reading..

Picture Perfect Portions – A New American Plate Challenge Update

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like summer lasts for 2 weeks and winter for 10 months?  I can’t believe it’s August already :(.  I was just starting to get used to the hot weather, and next week’s forecast is already calling for “fall like temperatures”, AND Target is already full of school supplies.   Summer is flying by as it does for me every year, and I need to savor every last minute of it.

Much like summer, my 12 week New American Plate (NAP) Challenge, is also flying by.  We’re already on week 11, so it’s time for a recap.  I’ve been posting about my experiences with each challenge to reduce my risk of cancer, all summer.  There is so much great information to share about the challenges the past few weeks, so I’m going to break weeks 9 and 10 into two posts. Continue Reading..

When Life Gives You Citrus Fruits… Juice ’em!

My favorite quick tip to punch up the flavor of almost any food, is to add a splash of citrus juice.  From vegetables and salads, to fish or chicken, and even a wine spritzer or plain old water,  the clean, refreshing flavor and aroma of lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit immediately perks up almost any dish.  In my next house (where it will be warm all of the time), I will have at least one Meyer lemon tree in the back yard, so I can their enjoy the sweet/tangy flavor whenever I want.  For now, I try to buy a few lemons and limes at the grocery store most weeks, because I never know when my recipe will need a quick kick.  Citrus fruits are also especially high in vitamin C, so that’s always a nutrition bonus, and did you know that the pith (the white stuff under the peel) has antioxidant properties that can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol? Continue Reading..

Immersion Blenders

I’ve had my immersion blender for at least 25 years, and it is one one my favorite kitchen tools.  Perfect for blending soups without the mess and explosion of a blender or food processor.  It’s also super convenient for making frozen coffee drinks or smoothies, or quickly whipping up cream.  Mine is Braun, and I don’t think it’s made anymore, but these are two that I have purchased as gifts for family members and recommend. Continue Reading..

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