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Wild Blueberry Lemon Chia Pudding

I’m on a bit of a dessert kick lately.  It’s because of all of the fresh and beautiful fruit that’s everywhere this time of the year.  I can’t get enough when I’m at the store, but sooner or later plain old fresh fruit gets a little bit… yawn.  So I’m on a mission to make as many fresh fruit desserts as possible before this fresh fruit season thing is over, and we’re left with… Apples.  Nothing wrong with them, but talk about getting old fast.  In the mean time, let’s enjoy the fruits of the season, shall we?! Continue Reading..

Very Berry Spinach Salad with Popped Quinoa & Citrus Yogurt Dressing

I have a lot of favorite things about summer. The weather, the sun, the very much smaller loads of laundry from very much smaller clothes, the way that life just seems so much easier and slower, and of course, the berries! I love fresh berries, and yes, I know you can actually get them year round, but at $4.99 for a tiny little container, I say NO WAY. So I really, really, love it when I see prices in the $2.99 range, and I can hardly contain myself when I see a good buy one get one! Continue Reading..

How to Sneak More Fruits and Vegetables Into Your Diet

If I asked you to name one diet-related thing you could be better about, I’m pretty sure it would be to eat more fruits and especially more vegetables.  For some reason, that’s something almost all of us could be a little better about.  I even talk to vegetarians who don’t eat enough vegetables.  We all know they’re good for us, and most of us know we should be eating a half plate full at each meal, or at least 5 to 7 servings each day, but do you?  Excuse me while I hang my own head in shame.

Research shows that fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants and phytochemicals that protect us from diseases and cell damage – and for some reason taking supplements doesn’t work the same way.  Experts at the American Institute for Cancer research also recommend eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day, so the protective compounds are circulating in your body all day long, rather than only at breakfast or dinner time.  So if you’re not eating enough, it’s time to ramp it up! Continue Reading..

Merlot Berry and Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Today is the day for hearts and love and lots of Hallmark happiness, which, luckily for my husband, I have never gotten swept up in.  I’m a practical girl.  AKA cheap.  Tight with my money.  Thrifty.  No need to spend hundreds on roses that will be dead within 48 hours, or mediocre chocolate.  I’ll tell you what I do love on Valentine’s Day or any other day though.  A new toy for my kitchen 🙂 , and that’s just what I got this year!

I’ve wanted an ice cream maker forever.  I’ve had this vision that I would create healthier ice creams, frozen yogurts, sorbets, you name it, and post them on my blog all year long.  Mind you I can’t possibly eat all of these frozen treats.  I just want to experiment and let you try them.  It’s kind of how I love to cook for other people, but when I’m alone I’m fine with a bowl of cereal. Continue Reading..

Summer Roasted Tomato Tart

One of my favorite (foodie) things about late summer in New England is tomatoes.  The problem with tomatoes though, as any tomato growing gardener knows, is that  when it rains, it pours, and it’s pouring tomatoes right now!  Every shape, size, color, and variety.  I keep buying more than I need every time I go to the farmers market, or Whole Foods, or just to the regular grocery store because they are just so pretty.  And while I’m contemplating what to do with them, I thought I’d share a favorite recipe, and some reasons to love this fruit (yes, tomatoes are technically a fruit, although the Supreme Court declared them a vegetable in 1893). Continue Reading..

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