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Sun Dried Tomato Parmesan Quick Bread

I used to make lots of sweet, fruity quick breads back in the day.  I love the ease of quick bread, the no-kneading required, and the smell of something delicious baking.  I would also try to score   “Best Mom”  points by timing them so that they came out of the oven just as the school bus was leaving school.  Nothing like warm bread ready when you come home from school.  My kids still love the smell of fresh baked banana or pumpkin bread and can’t wait to cut into it.  Of course, I still make fruit based quick breads, especially around the holidays, but my latest bread baking adventure has to do more with savory flavors, lots of cheese, and a bottle of beer.  For the bread, not for me. Continue Reading..

Apple Cheddar Beer Batter Bread

Do you like to bake bread?  Wait.  Silly me, let me rephrase that.  Do you wish you had the time and energy to measure, mix, knead, wait two hours for it to rise, punch, fold, proof, punch again, and then bake bread?  I think I tried making yeast bread once and I was so exhausted by the end that I didn’t even have the energy to eat it.  And then it was stale.  I really admire people who can do it, but it’s WAY too much work for me.

Thank heavens for beer batter bread, because there is something so wonderful about hot, fresh bread with a bowl of soup or chili or chowder.  I discovered beer bread a while ago, and I think it’s nothing short of a miracle, because the beer does all the work for you.  Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix until blended, put it in a loaf pan and bake.  I’m not kidding. Continue Reading..

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