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Blackberry Chia Jam {Recipe ReDux}

Well, Hello lovely, luscious, plump and juicy berries!  I sooo missed you!  Late spring — early summer means berries, berries everywhere and hooray for that, because as acceptable as frozen berries are in smoothies and my overnight oats, they just don’t cut it in a big old fresh fruit salad.  Yay for summer food!

And speaking of berries, the blackberries were ginormous AND on sale the other day, so I snagged a few pints, because they’re just perfect for this recipe I’m sharing today. Continue Reading..

What the Heck are Chia Seeds?

Have you ever noticed that ever few years there’s a new Super Food?  Remember the oat bran craze in the 80’s (OK maybe some of you are too young, but we really thought oat bran would save us all), then there were flax seeds.  I’m sure you were there when there was a run on Greek yogurt a few years ago– we couldn’t and still can’t get enough.  Next came kale.  Well, now it’s Chia seeds (yes, as in ch ch ch chia… As seen on TV).  Someone realized that those tiny seeds are good for something other than growing fur-like greenery on clay animal and people shapes.

The chia plant is native to Mexico and Central American, and it’s thought that chia seeds were an ancient Aztec super food.  Today, we know they are full of omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and fiber.  Two tablespoons of chia seeds adds about 120 calories, but it provides a whopping 10 grams of fiber (!), and more than twice as much omega-3 (heart healthy) fat as an ounce of walnuts. Continue Reading..

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