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Got Gas? – Might Be From The Fiber

Sorry about the title.  I know gas is not a terribly pleasant subject to read about or discuss, and in fact just the word is pretty horrifying.  But GAS takes up less title space (and will probably get more google hits) than Abdominal Bloating, Distention and Discomfort.   So…. now that I’ve got your attention… We’re here to talk about foods with added fiber today.

What’s the deal with fiber lately?  It seems like it’s popping up in some pretty unexpected places.  We all know it’s something we should eat more of, but unfortunately, most of us don’t get anywhere near the recommended 30 grams of fiber each day.  In fact, the average intake is only around 10-15 grams per day for most of us.

To help inch us closer to our goal, food manufacturers have started adding fiber to anything and everything.  We used to have to drink a gritty orange drink to get some extra fiber, but now it’s in yogurt, cottage cheese, breakfast bars, and even some beverages.  So does it matter where or what form your fiber is in?  Or is all fiber the same? Continue Reading..

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