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How to Sneak More Fruits and Vegetables Into Your Diet

If I asked you to name one diet-related thing you could be better about, I’m pretty sure it would be to eat more fruits and especially more vegetables.  For some reason, that’s something almost all of us could be a little better about.  I even talk to vegetarians who don’t eat enough vegetables.  We all know they’re good for us, and most of us know we should be eating a half plate full at each meal, or at least 5 to 7 servings each day, but do you?  Excuse me while I hang my own head in shame.

Research shows that fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants and phytochemicals that protect us from diseases and cell damage – and for some reason taking supplements doesn’t work the same way.  Experts at the American Institute for Cancer research also recommend eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day, so the protective compounds are circulating in your body all day long, rather than only at breakfast or dinner time.  So if you’re not eating enough, it’s time to ramp it up! Continue Reading..

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