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The Facts About Eggs and Cholesterol

With Passover and Easter upon us, my thoughts have turned to eggs!  For years, eggs have gotten a bad rap because they are high in cholesterol, and many people who follow a heart healthy diet to lower their cholesterol tend to avoid them.  But research on eggs and cholesterol suggests that they are not as unhealthy as we thought. Continue Reading..

What’s for Breakfast?

Are you a breakfast skipper?  If so, you’re not alone.  Although 93 percent of Americans asked, said they think it’s the most important meal of the day, an estimated 31 million (almost half) of us don’t eat it.  Most skippers either aren’t hungry in the morning and skip to save (why spend the calories on breakfast when I don’t get hungry until later?), or they’re just too busy to take the time to make something.  So it’s coffee and out the door, and maybe grab a muffin or donut at work for a little energy.  Continue Reading..

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