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Grilled Pesto Tomato Flatbread {Recipe ReDux}

Don’t you love it when you find little treasures at the bottom of your freezer? I’m really good at saving little scraps of things that can be really useful and totally lifesaving – like Parmesan cheese rinds to perk up soup, or the ends of French bread to make fresh breadcrumbs. And I always have a few bags of cranberries at the bottom of the freezer, and sometimes when I think there’s nothing to eat, I spy a stray veggie burger that escaped its open box. Unfortunately, I’m also fairly guilty of freezer neglect, so I usually don’t find those things until years later. Eeek.

Every time I clean out the freezer, I vow to have a really good organizational system – frozen produce items on the left hand side, meat or frozen meal items on the right side, shredded cheese and bread scraps in the top basket. But inevitably, there’s always something that doesn’t fit into my system, and all hell breaks loose, and suddenly it’s chaos in there. Continue Reading..

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