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Lightened Up Broccoli Cheese and Farro Casserole

I received a gift card to offset the expense of my ingredients. By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time.

This is a true story.  Sad, but true.  When I was young, one of my all-time favorite side dishes was a broccoli, cheese and rice casserole.  It was one of those family favorite recipes that my mom always made for family gatherings, and it involved…ahem… canned cream of mushroom soup, frozen chopped broccoli (I’m OK with that one), white rice, and a certain “cheese” product that came in a jar and whose name might rhyme with knees fizz.  I used to eat it by the vat-full.  I know, please don’t judge.  Well, guess what?  I Googled it, and it turns out the recipe is still around, and it’s still enjoyed by families everywhere.  Continue Reading..

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