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Happy Healthier Halloween!

Who in the world doesn’t love Halloween? All of those adorable little ghosts, witches and princesses running around on a sugar high… I loved trick or treating with my kids, and one of the first signs that they’re growing up is when they don’t need want you to come along with them anymore 🙁 .  Well, Halloween night may be all about scary costumes and the kids, but the leftover candy that sits around the house sometimes for weeks – that can be the scariest thing of all for adults. I’ll put money on it that I’m not the only parent who has snuck a few pieces each day from each child’s stash until it dwindles down to nothing.  Yes, I always thought I was mom of the year saving my kids from cavities and unhealthy sugar calories.

Well, newsflash, it’s not that great for adults either. In fact, Halloween is considered the unofficial start of the holiday overeating season. It’s pretty much a battle from this week until January. Don’t be frightened, I’ve got you covered with a few ideas to help make those Halloween parties just a little bit healthier, and how to handle the leftover candy conundrum without letting it go to waist waste. Continue Reading..

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