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Boozy Mocha Nice Cream

Mocha “nice cream” with a shot of Irish cream liqueur is a quick and cool, grownup dessert.

Hello my friends!  Today is a good day to try a new dessert, doncha think? – and this one’s a grownup take on “nice cream”, the faux-soft-serve ice cream that’s made with frozen bananas instead of cream.  The Recipe ReDux is celebrating it’s 6th Birthday this month –  and everyone’s bringing bite-sized desserts to the party.  That way everyone gets to satisfy their sweet tooth, and try a few samples!  Hmmm…That actually sounds like a fun idea my next party.

Truth. I can easily go overboard with dessert if there’s a whole cake sitting around, but these individual, mini-sized desserts are just perfect.  It would be really awkward if I started digging into everyone else’s portion, wouldn’t it?  Plus, they’re kind of healthy, since they’re made from bananas, and a secret ingredient – avocados – which make this Nice Cream really taste like super-creamy soft serve ice cream. Continue Reading..

Desserts with (Health) Benefits

Yes!  There really is such a thing as a healthy dessert – here’s proof!

It kinda makes me sad when people say “I was bad – I ate dessert”.  Dessert is GOOD.  Very good.  It makes your taste buds happy and it completes a meal.  I’m not saying you have to have it every meal, or every day, but if you can’t have some dessert every once in a while, well, that’s just wrong.

Here’s my take on dessert.  It’s just like everything you eat.  Make sure it’s balanced, and contains a few ingredients with health benefits – like fresh fruit, especially berries, or real dark chocolate, to get your antioxidants, or Greek yogurt, or a wholesome dairy ingredient to get some protein and calcium.  If the ingredients in your dessert are healthy enough to eat on their own and make you feel good, then they’re A-OK to get combined in some creative way and turned into a dessert. Right?  It’s what I call Desserts with Benefits, AKA, a Healthy Dessert, and these are some of my favorites for summer.

Continue Reading..

Watermelon Lime Snow Bowls

Here’s that the dictionary says about Dessert:

the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal.
“a dessert of chocolate mousse”

Did someone say chocolate mousse?  Yes please!  I’m definitely one of those people who likes something sweet after dinner.  Not lunch.  Just dinner.  For me, it’s definitely a mental thing.  If I have cake, cookies, ice cream or maybe I really struck gold and have chocolate mousse in the house, it MUST be eaten after dinner.  However, if I have nothing “dessert-y” in the house, I’m good with a piece of fruit.  Because I’m a good little nutritionist, I usually have fruit.  Sigh… Continue Reading..

Peach Frozen Yogurt with Raspberry Sauce – A Recipe ReDux

Surprise!  I never post on Saturdays, but today is the 21st, which means Recipe ReDux!  This month’s theme is No Cook (AKA Super Quick) Desserts.  Since the Recipe ReDux is sponsored by Registered Dietitians, and encourages mostly healthy recipes, I doubt they wanted to hear about my all time favorite no cook dessert:

Take one bag of Pepperidge Farm Brussels cookies.  Pour one jar of Stonewall Kitchen Spiced Rum Butterscotch Sauce over cookies.  Stir in one pint of Haagen Dazs Bananas Foster ice cream.  Mush everything together and eat.

Stop judging me.

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