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Is This Hot Dog Really Gonna Kill Me?

Does the recent World Health Organization announcement about meat mean you should kiss your hot dog goodbye?

The other day I was standing at the deli, waiting on my order of maple glazed turkey breast, when the man next to me asked if he thought deli turkey was one of the processed meats on the “Do Not Eat” list.  My response was, no way – turkey is totally fine – it’s those “processed meats” that are on the list.  But as I drove home, I started to wonder if I was right.  After all, isn’t pretty much everything from the deli processed?  The round shape of those turkey loaves and lack of fat or bones is kind of telling… Continue Reading..

Lose More Weight By Volumizing Your Meals

Has your weight loss diet ever gone like this: 

Breakfast: 1 low fat muffin, coffee with equal and skim milk;

Lunch: salad with lite dressing and 3 croutons;

2:00 Snack: 15 pretzels, half a banana;

3:00 Snack:  small bag of chips and 15 more pretzels, other half banana;

4:00 Snack: half package of Oreos, with a quart of ice cream and a can of cashews;

Dinner: an order of chicken fingers, with an order of sweet and sour chicken, a container of fried rice, 4 fortune cookies and a diet Coke? Continue Reading..

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