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Merlot Berry and Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Today is the day for hearts and love and lots of Hallmark happiness, which, luckily for my husband, I have never gotten swept up in.  I’m a practical girl.  AKA cheap.  Tight with my money.  Thrifty.  No need to spend hundreds on roses that will be dead within 48 hours, or mediocre chocolate.  I’ll tell you what I do love on Valentine’s Day or any other day though.  A new toy for my kitchen 🙂 , and that’s just what I got this year!

I’ve wanted an ice cream maker forever.  I’ve had this vision that I would create healthier ice creams, frozen yogurts, sorbets, you name it, and post them on my blog all year long.  Mind you I can’t possibly eat all of these frozen treats.  I just want to experiment and let you try them.  It’s kind of how I love to cook for other people, but when I’m alone I’m fine with a bowl of cereal. Continue Reading..

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