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5 Habits of Healthy Eaters

Have you ever known someone who seems like they can eat anything and never put on a pound? Or maybe you’re one of those people who swears that you’ll gain weight just by looking at a pan of brownies? There is some truth to the good versus bad metabolism – some people do tend to store more calories while others tend to burn more. But it’s not really as significant as you might think.

A person’s body composition plays a role in their metabolism – those with more muscle mass will burn more calories. A person’s need to fidget or move around more also plays a big role. We all know toe tappers, finger drummers and those who just can’t seem to sit still. People like that tend to have a better metabolism because all those little activities add up and burn calories. But there are other day-to-day healthy habits that those thinner people have adopted, and those are the things that distinguish the healthier eaters (and healthier bodies), from the rest. Continue Reading..

Weight Loss 101 – Where to Start?

There is no better time than spring to get started on a weight loss program, and it’s finally here!  The warmer weather and longer days make it so much easier to get motivated to exercise, and because of the abundance of fresh produce in the market, eating healthier actually sounds kind if appealing.   So if you’re starting on a group weight loss challenge, or trying to tackle your weight on your own, there’s no time like today to get started. Continue Reading..

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