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Grilled Vegetable Tart {Recipe ReDux}

Don’t eat it all!! I need the leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner! If I could have a dollar for every time I said that to my family over the years, I’d be one rich mama. You see, even though I enjoy cooking, the thing I enjoy even more is a 2 for 1 dinner. Not to be confused with run of the mill old leftovers, two for ones (or twofers) are pure culinary timesaving genius. You know, it’s like when you roast a whole chicken, to serve with mashed potatoes and vegetables, and then repurpose the leftovers for something completely different like fajitas, the next night. Twofers are like a gift from the dinner gods. There’s just nothing better than knowing dinner is mostly made when it’s just first thing in the morning. Continue Reading..

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