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When Life Gives You Citrus Fruits… Juice ’em!

My favorite quick tip to punch up the flavor of almost any food, is to add a splash of citrus juice.  From vegetables and salads, to fish or chicken, and even a wine spritzer or plain old water,  the clean, refreshing flavor and aroma of lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit immediately perks up almost any dish.  In my next house (where it will be warm all of the time), I will have at least one Meyer lemon tree in the back yard, so I can their enjoy the sweet/tangy flavor whenever I want.  For now, I try to buy a few lemons and limes at the grocery store most weeks, because I never know when my recipe will need a quick kick.  Citrus fruits are also especially high in vitamin C, so that’s always a nutrition bonus, and did you know that the pith (the white stuff under the peel) has antioxidant properties that can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol? Continue Reading..

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