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Raw Rainbow “Noodles”

OK.  It’s time to detox, after that amazing Loaded Granola Skillet Cookie.  It was good, right?  But you know how I am all about “everything in moderation”, so today we’re eating clean.  That means lots of veggies with fiber and phytochemicals – that’s a fancy word for plant compounds that do some really good work protecting your cells from damage.  Probably from the sugar and butter in that cookie, but let’s not worry too much about that right now.

Cell damage can come from a diet that’s too high in bad fats and refined sugars, but it can also come from the air we breath, skin damage from the sun, chemicals we’re exposed to every day, yada yada.  It’s impossible to avoid damage from these free radicals, but eating more plants really does help to protect us to some degree and keep our immune systems running strong.  Continue Reading..

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