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6 Ways to Detox for Spring

Spring is all about new, fresh starts. Mostly because half the world has been buried in cold and snow and hiding under layers. This year in particular, it’s been lots and lots of layers. Now, the reality that it’s time to start shedding sets in, and thoughts automatically turn to healthier eating and getting back in shape.   The word detox is thrown around quite often, but detoxing, or purging the bad stuff so you can take in more of the good stuff isn’t as easy as just drinking some green juice.

Clean eating definitely helps get rid of lots of the bad stuff you may have been taking in all winter, and so does some good, regular exercise. For me though, detoxing my mind is always the hardest part. I get way too caught up in the troubles of the day, or week and thinking about tomorrow and where I want to be instead of where I am today. As a result, I forget to just live and notice and be grateful for the wonderful parts of today. When I work harder on it, I feel so much better. Cleaner almost. Continue Reading..

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