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Strawberry Rhubarb Spinach Salad

You have to know it’s springtime when you start to see rhubarb in the produce department.  It’s one of the first vegetables (yes, technically) harvested in the spring, and if you live in the northern hemisphere, you should be seeing it right about now. Blink, and the really good stuff will be gone, so get your fill now.

Because rhubarb is mouth-puckeringly tart – kind of like spring’s version of cranberries,  it’s usually paired with really sweet, ripe fruits, and sweetened quite a bit.  I love it in jams, and I also pair it with wild blueberries to make Bluebarb Cheesecake Ice Cream. Continue Reading..

Bluebarb Cheesecake Ice Cream

Nutritionists and foodies always talk about “eating seasonal” foods, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables.   The funny thing about that is that pretty much anything we could want is always in season somewhere, so most foods are available year round. Some things might be more expensive at certain times of the year, but the quality is usually not all that bad. Except for most tomatoes. And rhubarb. Continue Reading..

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