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What To Do With 3 Pounds of Costco Salmon: Chipotle Salmon Sliders

I’ve never lived too terribly close to a Costco to make it worth my while to join, so whenever someone would sing its praises, I would just tune it out. Whatever. It was kind of like hearing someone going on about surfing when you live in Iowa. Not gonna happen, so who really cares?

Well… Suddenly, it seems that there’s a Costco just 10 little miles from my new house. Oh my. I resisted at first, because there’s only two of us now, and I’ve fallen prey to the membership club experience in the past. Money saving my ass (can I say that on a blog?). “Hey where did that 100 pack of lunch snacks go?” I would ask as my teenage son and his posse wiped orange cheese powder off their faces many a night. And who doesn’t totally love it when their husband drops a 50-pound jar of pickles on the kitchen floor?

So I joined. Continue Reading..

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