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Sweet Potato-Palooza

Sweet potatoes aren’t just a side dish for the holidays!  Check out the many healthy ways to enjoy them all day long.

Remember when you only ate sweet potatoes for the holidays, and they were more than likely covered with mini marshmallows?  WHAT were we thinking?  So many people have a negative opinion about sweet potatoes because of that recipe.  Way too sweet.  Is it a vegetable or dessert?  Surely sweet potatoes can’t be good for you.  Well, the mighty sweet potato has come a very long way since that casserole recipe.  They’re pretty much a staple in my house, not only because they taste good, but they’re also so ridiculously versatile. Oh, and they’re also incredibly good for you – full of fiber, potassium, vitamin A, and low glycemic index complex carbs.  Continue Reading..

Chipotle Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup

You might know if you follow this blog that I recently moved to Arizona. I grew up in Chicago, moved to Boston after college, and after a very long time complaining about the cold, and the clouds that seemed to hand around for months at a time, and the 4:15pm sunsets all winter, I packed it up and moved southwest. And I LOVE it! Winter now means 5:30pm sunsets – very do-able, and today is a chilly 63 degrees with just a few puffy clouds. Like I said, LOVE it! Continue Reading..

Curried Sweetpotato Bisque

I received free samples of California sweetpotatoes mentioned in this post. By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by the California Sweetpotato Council and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time and all opinions expressed about California sweetpotatoes are my own.

I mentioned in my last post that sweetpotaotes are kind of a staple in my house.  In fact, they are my favorite vearch –vegetable that’s also a starch.  (Before you start googling vearch, it’s really a made-up word, so you won’t find it).  Other vearches include white potatoes, corn, peas, and most winter squash.  In a dietitian’s world, they all count as a starch because they are higher in carbs and calories than regular vegetables.  However, I  give sweetpotatoes extra points, because they are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber- more like vegetables. Continue Reading..

Sweetpotato Pie Fruit Leather

I have a confession to make.  I never tasted a sweet potato until well into my adult life.  I’m sure we had them on the Thanksgiving table, served in a casserole dish, cooked in something way too sweet, and covered in mini marshmallows, but I couldn’t get past the idea of a potato and marshmallow in the same bite, so I never ate them.  Those cans of candied yams at the grocery store didn’t help my opinion of them much either.

Continue Reading..

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