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Easy Thai Coconut Curry Vegetables {Meatless Monday}

Fastest and easiest Thai food you’ll ever make and so perfect for Meatless Monday.  You may never need to order out again!

Ever since I moved to Arizona almost 2 years ago, I’ve been totally immersed in the deliciousness of Mexican food.  I’m sure people in Texas and California, and probably New Mexico would argue, but we have the most Ah-Mazing Mexican food here.  And margaritas – holy wow!  My new favorite is a mango-jalapeno margarita at a place down the street.

I’ve been so entranced by the Mexican food, that I totally forgot about my other favorites, and recently I realized I’ve been missing really good Thai food.  I haven’t seen ANY Thai restaurants in my travels.  Zip.  None.  Nada.  So a few weeks ago I went on a hunt.  I happily found a pretty decent Thai restaurant, but it’s a good 30-minute drive. Multiple sad faces to that. 🙁 🙁 Continue Reading..

Sesame Tofu Chopped Salad With Red Quinoa

Does anyone know the origin of the chopped salad?  I’m guessing some fancy restaurant somewhere came up with the idea, which was then picked up and glorified by California Pizza Kitchen.  Strange that I think of CPK more for their chopped salads than their pizzas… Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t eat a salad any other way now– tons of interesting ingredients, everything chopped into tiny pieces, tossed with a very complementary themed dressing, so that each and every single bite is full of every flavor.  So.  Yum.  Continue Reading..

Maple Miso Tofu with Broccoli and Soba Noodles

I was never a really huge fan of tofu until I got a major tip from one of my favorite vegetarian blogs, Oh My Veggies.  Kiersten always recommends baking it because as she says “wonderful things happen when you bake tofu”.  She mentioned this recipe for Maple Miso Tofu on her blog a while ago, and it looked and sounded so good, I had to try it.

And yup, she was right.  Wonderful things do happen when you bake tofu, and now I won’t eat it any other way!  Gone is the slithery texture of not quite cooked enough egg white and the non-assertive flavor – is it trying to be chicken, fish, egg white… What are you?  Like I said, I was never a big fan.  Continue Reading..

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