5 Signs You’re Not Going To Gain Weight Over the Thanksgiving Weekend

Are you ready to loosen your belt buckle? Ask any nutritionist, and we’ll all tell you that most Americans see Thanksgiving as a reason to indulge on anything and everything, and as a result, most will end up gaining at least a little bit of weight after 4 days of non-stop feasting. If you don’t get on top of it, those few pounds become 5-10 pounds by December 30 for many. So what’s the secret to coming out of the coma at the same weight you went in? Here are 5 signs you’re going to be OK:



You Don’t Try To Feed an Army if You Don’t Have One Coming for Dinner

You know all too well, if you make more than you need, you’ll eat more than you need, and so will everyone else.  You plan well, buy what you need, and promptly get rid of any leftovers.



You Fill Half Your Plate With Fruits and Vegetables

No one needs to tell you they’re good for you, they’re filling, and they’re low in calories.  You eat them first, and then have no guilt about diving face-first into everything else.



When You Go Back For Seconds, You Only Take the 1 or 2 Foods You Really Love

Because, really, unless you’re in prison for the holiday, what’s the point of eating things you don’t love?



You Wait 15 or 20 Minutes Before Saying Yes to Dessert

Chances are, you’re already pretty full from dinner.  You know how to wait and see if you really need dessert, because it’ll still be there later.



You Don’t Sit After Dinner

You get up and move – grab the guests and go for a walk, or play some touch-football.  You know how to burn off some of those calories so you can have more later.


Do you have any tips to avoid overdoing it on Thanksgiving?  Happy Turkey day to you and your family!!

Eat well!

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