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Is it just me, or do November and December fly by so fast you can’t even remember them, and then time just stops every year from January until March?  Or until the end of April here in the Northeast.  They say that time speeds up as you get older, so I must be about 200 this year.  This year flew by at rapid pace fast for me.  I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of this blog (hooray!) and maybe blog time just moves faster… I feel like I was just writing about summer fruits and tomatoes, and here it is just about Christmas.   Hopefully you are nearing the end of your Christmas shopping, but just in case, I have some ideas for anyone who is a cook – or for you if you’ve been good this year.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite kitchen tools, and the things that make cooking so much more fun, and I’m in a sharing mood for the holidays!

As always, most of these are available through my Amazon links.  You can certainly find them in other places, but if you’re super busy and want the UPS man to do the work, just hit click.  When you order anything through my Amazon links, I do receive a small payment from Amazon which helps to monetize this blog.  THANK YOU for supporting me! 🙂


Favorite Christmas Gifts|Craving Something Healthy


  1. Thermo Whip Cream Whipper – Because there’s nothing like real, pure, flavored anyway you like (yup, chocolate, mint, rum, orange, you name it) fresh homemade whipped cream.  Even the healthiest eaters need a little treat sometimes.  Don’t forget to order the chargers!
  2. A pretty cheese board – this chalkboard version is from Provisions at Food 52.  Love that you can write the names of the cheese right on it!
  3. A good set of kitchen knives (or even just one really good 6-inch chef’s knife
  4. Immersion Blender -INDISPENSABLE.  I would die without it.
  5. Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer– First of all, you need a good digital thermometer.  Second, this one got top ratings from Cooks Illustrated, and there’s no arguing with them.
  6. A year’s subscription to Cook’s Illustrated Magazine.  The BEST investment anyone could make if they want to learn how to be a better cook or baker.
  7. Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor – Another thing I would die without.  I use it at least twice per week, and it’s a workhorse.  Worth every penny.   I got my original one as a wedding gift twenty five years ago, and I decided to spring for a bigger one as an anniversary gift to myself :).  I donated the old one because it probably has another 25 years of life left.
  8. America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook – I love all of their cookbooks, but I find myself turning to this one all the time for family favorite type recipes.
  9. Vitamix Blender –  OK- I actually don’t have one of these, but I would kill for one.  Hint, hint, anyone…
  10. Bountiful– the newest cookbook by the authors of White on Rice Couple blog.  Such beautiful photos you’ll want to eat them.  A must for anyone who loves seasonal, garden fresh food.
  11. I pinned this cupcake stand from Anthropologie, because I just think it’s so pretty.
  12. Microplane, cheese grater, rasp, whatever you call it, every kitchen should have at least one of these.  I love this one from Provisions at Food 52 because it’s easy to use and no mess!
  13. A canning kit.  Another Food 52 find, which I think every kitchen should have.  It’s so easy to make homemade pickled veggies and jams if you have the right tools.
  14. Perfect Portions  Scale.  This is a cool gadget, because not only is it a great electronic scale, but it will tell you exactly how many calories, grams of protein, fat, carbs, etc are in you food.  Super cool and really helps to keep your diet on track.
  15. IPad sleeve and stand.  With all the recipes we pin these days, it’s nice to just pull them up on the pad, no?  Pretty sure you know where to find this one.
  16. Plenty – a cookbook by the owner of London’s Ottolenghi restaurant.  Absolutely stunningly beautiful photos of and amazingly creative recipes for vegetarian dishes.

Happy shopping!


Do you have any favorite gifts for foodies and cooks?

Eat well!


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