A Great Reason to Love Peanuts

Hello, luscious, creamy vat of peanut butter. I’m diving in. Before I do though – does anyone know who invented peanut butter? Or any nut butter for that matter? I have no idea, I’m just throwing it out for conversation. Cause they certainly should get a Nobel Prize. Or something.

I actually don’t have a peanut recipe to share today, just some news about one of America’s fave foods. It seems like peanuts are good for your heart! As in: Peanut consumption associated with decreased total mortality and mortality from cardiovascular diseases, says researchers from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Yep, in regular English, that means a recent research study confirmed that peanuts, like most other nuts, can help reduce the risk of dying or even getting sick with heart disease. 

So hooray for peanuts (and especially for peanut butter). Eat a few handfuls or tablespoons each week because not only does it tastes good, but it can also help keep your heart healthier.

Do you know about PB2? It’s natural, powdered peanut butter, without all of the fat. Yes, a handful of peanuts or a tablespoon of natural peanut butter is best for satisfying your appetite, and providing some healthy fat, but let’s admit it. Sometimes we just want that peanut butter flavor without all of the fat or calories. Like mixed into a smoothie. Or chocolate pudding. Or sprinkled on your cereal. Hello PB2.



How do you like your peanuts?

Eat well!



  1. Hi, Anne….I do love peanut butter and I have tried this PB2 and it is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the info.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Pat! Glad to hear you’re a PB2 lover too!

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