Chopped BLT Salad Pizza

This Chopped BLT Salad Pizza is even better than the sandwich, and the perfect summer dinner when it’s too hot to cook.

To say that I’ve been in no mood to cook lately would be an understatement.  We’ve had record-breaking temps for the past 4 days, and in Arizona, that means high one-teens to 120 degrees in some towns.  

I’m not complaining – I’ll still take it over shoveling any day, but when it gets this hot, there’s no chance at all that I’m turning on the stove or oven.  Tonight was a perfect night to invite some friends over for a float in the pool, a few bottles of very cold wine, and a totally delicious summer farmer’s market pizza recipe courtesy of a fellow RD and blogging friend, EA Stewart.

How fun is this?  To celebrate the birthday of the Recipe ReDux  – the amazing community of healthy food bloggers, we’re celebrating each other by sharing a recipe and a blog from a favorite Recipe ReDux member.


I’m kinda partial to The Recipe ReDux, because it was the very first blogging group I joined, back when I was a brand new blogger.  Over the past few years, I’ve learned so much from this group, honed my recipe development skills (and even won a few bucks from recipe contests along the way!), and “met” so many wonderful food bloggers.  I’ve gotta say – I’m just so proud to be a member!

I get so many great ideas and inspiration from the entire group — so it’s hard to pick just one, but I always drool over the recipes and photos from EA Stewart – AKA The Spicy RD.  Her recipes are always clean and healthy, gluten-free, and always full of beautiful fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.  

Plus they’re all super-creative and almost too pretty to eat.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the heat, or just because this photo of hers is so totally mouthwateringly beautiful, but I’ve really been craving this fresh, crisp summer salad pizza.    Let me just say.  Great.  Choice.

Chopped BLT Salad {Recipe ReDuX}|Craving Something Healthy
Chopped BLT Salad Pizza from EA Stewart ~ The Spicy RD

It was another 113-degree night, but no one minded getting out of the pool for this fresh from the farmer’s market summer meal.  I did cheat just a bit, and used a good quality, bottled blue cheese vinaigrette dressing, which was divine with the tomatoes and bacon in this salad pizza.  Click on the photo to visit EA’s website and the recipe for her pizza.

Is it hot out where you are?  What do you cook when it’s too hot to cook?

Make sure you stop by and sing Happy Birthday to some of the other bloggers from The Recipe ReDux!

Eat well!


  1. You are the best Anne, and your post totally made my day! I’m so honored you chose to share my Chopped Pizza Salad for the Recipe Redux & the admiration is 100% mutual! I really wish we were enjoying this together w/ a glass of wine! xoxo

    1. I think that recipe is going to make an appearance over and over in my house! And yes to that glass of wine! I always love your recipes and gorgeous photos EA, and you’re an inspiration to me (and lots of other RR members I’m sure) 🙂

    1. Definitely yummy! And the photo is from EA – she’s a fabulous photographer!

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