FNCE Highlights and Coming Soon To A Grocery Store Near You…

Last week was a complete whirlwind for me and I’m just starting to recover– I spent a busy 4 days at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual Food and Nutrition Conference in Atlanta, where I had the pleasure of meeting so many fabulous RDs – including many that I’ve only known “virtually”, and hearing so many wonderful speakers about so many interesting topics. I also spent hours walking around the exhibit floor and chatting with some amazing food companies about their new healthy products. I learned and saw so many things; I just have to share some of my favorites:


Nutrition Tidbits~

I blogged about saturated fat a few weeks ago, and I was happy to hear that others are in agreement – saturated fat isn’t necessarily an avoid it at all costs nutrient. It’s the type of fatty acids in the saturated fat that can be harmful or not so much. Bottom line, focus on a healthy, whole foods diet with lots of plant foods, and don’t worry so much about the occasional butter, cream or meat.

It really may be possible to eat according to your genes, and food really is medicine, along with targeted supplements if necessary, and a strong focus on the mind-body connection. Integrative health and nutrition is where it’s at!


The bacteria in out guts are pretty darn important, and it’s essential to take good care of them and feed them well. The microflora in your gut influence many of your body’s functions and can even determine if you’re overweight or lean. You are what the microorganisms in your GI tract eat, and vice versa.  Hello Greek yogurt and fermented foods!


Inflammation in your body can cause many health problems, and it can trigger cancer cells to start replicating. Inflammation can be caused by many things.  Some aren’t so easy to control, but others like what you eat, are, so by all means, work on that one. Want to guess what the biggest dietary triggers of inflammation are? Yup, junk food, processed food, refined sugars, yada yada yada. Bottom line – whole foods, plant foods and healthy fats is where it’s at!


Miscellaneous Stuff That I Was Just Curious About~

Cookbooks are a lot harder and more work than you might think… Maybe waaaay in the future.

Social media interaction is kind of important and ever changing. Tell me about it! And make sure you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. One of these days I’ll figure out Google +

Nutrition along with a fitness certification is a natural fit for anyone who loves to help people live a healthier lifestyle.  Hmmm… thinking about that one!


New and Exciting Foods I Loved ~


1.  Ancient Harvest – Of course they’re known for their Quinoa, but I can’t wait to try their line of Polenta, and Quinoa Flour.

2.  Manitoba Harvest makes an entire line of hemp products that are great for mixing into smoothies, baking with or just sprinkling. FYI hemp seeds are a great source of fiber, protein and omegas.

3.  Need some omegas?   Carlson Labs  makes a lemon flavored fish oil. I know, sounds scary, but I actually ate an entire spoonful, and it tasted – lemony. Great for salad dressing, or try their Lemon, Garlic and Herb Popcorn.

4.  Zing Bars – Loved these because they’re created by registered dietitians, AND they really taste good. Gluten free, soy free, high protein, low glycemic, heart healthy – yup they got it right!5.

5.  Nourish Snacks is a new company started by Joy Bauer RD for the Today Show, and I really loved their grab and go line of snacks. I’m partial to those popcorn kernels that don’t quite pop all of the way, so I guess they designed their Mr. Poplar half popped corn kernels flavor specially for me! I’m dying to try Nutty Nanas next.

6.  I always have a bag of Wyman’s frozen berries in my freezer, so I was excited to see that they have a new product – Strawberries, Blueberres and Cherries with KALE. Yup, you read that right, and I was curious, so I tasted their smoothie made with Greek yogurt, and it was just delicious. Genius!


Look for these fab new products at a store near you!

Have you found any new healthy foods lately?  Please share them!  Did you attend FNCE?  What were your favorite take-aways?

Eat well!



  1. I got the same impression, our gut bacteria are pretty dang important! Also, the Zing bars were new to me and at the top of my list too! I’m with Lindsay, the thin mint one totally sold me!

    1. Glad we’re thinking along the same lines! Am I the only one that didn’t get the thin mint Zing Bar?!

  2. Great roundup of favorite FNCE finds! I learned a ton from the gut presentation as well. I need a day to go through all my notes! Nourish snacks are the best! I’ve been packing them lately for a great grab and go snack.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Alex! It seems like it was a great 4 days for everyone and I’m still processing my notes too!

    1. This was my first time ever and it was so worth it. Definitely put it on your calendar for next year! Thanks for visiting Melanie 🙂

    1. Yum! I’ll have to look for that one! Thanks for stopping by Lindsay!

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