Marathon Monday

I live in Hopkinton, just a few miles from the starting line of the Boston Marathon.  I am certain that everyone who lives in my town has either run the Marathon themselves, had a friend, neighbor or family member who has run, or has been a spectator either in downtown Hopkinton at the starting line, or in Boston, at the finish line.  Several of my friends and neighbors ran to raise money for charities, and were close to the finish line when the bombs exploded.  Most had loved ones waiting for them at the finish line when the bombs exploded.  Marathon Monday is the highlight of our small, quiet town, and the pride of Boston.  It’s so sad that we will never think of Marathon Monday in the same way again.

My heart goes out to anyone who was affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  The 3 who were killed, hundreds who were injured, and thousands more who were witness to the devastation, or worried about friends or family who might have been involved, are in my thoughts and prayers.  Please keep them in yours.

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