Newsworthy Nutrition Nuggets

Here’s what’s new and newsworthy in the world of nutrition this August.

I’ve been bad about sharing.  Sometimes I read so many news stories, blog posts, research studies and the like about diet, food, fitness and health that if it’s not earth shattering, I tend to put it on the back burner in my head.  But it occurred to me the other day, that just because it’s not earth shattering, doesn’t mean it’s not helpful or important to share with you.  I’m Sorry!

Truth. I was so much better sharingI first started this blog – before I got all caught up in the eternal quest to come up with a perfect recipe and photo that would get picked up by Buzzfeed and go all viral.  #Guilty.  After all, when I started blogging, my goal was to share nutrition information, tips, and last but not least, a few recipes to help my readers know what and how to eat.  Eating for better health isn’t as easy as “eat this, not that”.  It’s about constantly learning all of the little tidbits of information and piecing it together like a puzzle, so that it turns into a recipe, or a meal, or eventually, an entire way of eating.

So today I’m getting back to basics.  Today is current events day, and I promise to do this at least once per month – remember when you had to go through the newspaper (do kids today even know what newspapers are?) and cut out an article or two to share with the class?   It’s the thing I love most about being a nutritionist – sharing information and educating.  So here are my nutrition nuggets from the past few weeks:



Apparently, It Takes a Pokémon to Get the Country Moving

What even is a Pokémon? I didn’t quite get it when my son played it 15 years ago and I’m just as baffled now.  Nonetheless, it is a genius way to get people off the sofa and into the park or a Poke-gym.  If you’re in the dark like me, this article from the Washington Post explains it all – including how fitness trackers are tracking the spike in activity, not just among kids, but all ages, and across the country – since the new game was launched in July.  Try it.  You might like it.




If You’re Middle-Aged AND Overweight, Add 10 Years to Your Brain

Yikes. If it’s not bad enough that you’re counting down the years instead of anxiously waiting until your old enough…  A recent study out of the University of Cambridge, in the UK found that having a BMI in the overweight (25-20) or obese (>30) categories, ages your brain by 10 years compared to lean individuals.  They didn’t explore whether or not the brain aging could be reversed with weight loss – but I’m pretty sure we should still try.




image Andrew Welch

Eating More Fruits and Vegetables Makes You Happier

Whaaat?  Could it really be that simple?  Step away from the Paxil and pick up a peach and a carrot instead.  We all know plant foods are good for our health, but researchers in Australia have also found that people who went from eating no or low amounts of fruits and vegetables to eating eight servings a day noticed increased feelings of happiness and satisfaction.  I’ll bet the pharmaceutical companies and therapists out there don’t want to share that secret with you!


How are you doing with your healthy eating goals?  Is there any nutrition topic you’d like to learn more about? Feel free to drop me a message if I can help!


Eat well!



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