The Smart Cook’s Secret Ingredient

Good cooks know that time-saving shortcuts are a must, and this super-convenient, secret ingredient will take your cooking to a whole new level!

There’s a new secret ingredient in my kitchen, and it’s your lucky day – because I’m in a sharing mood.

Two words.  Game. Changer.  You know how excited you get when you find something so incredibly useful, that you have to share it with everyone you know?  That’s me right now.   I am beyond excited to share this totally life-saving find with all of you.

Imagine this – You’ve got a bunch of super-ripe avocados, on the verge of becoming compost. You pull out a fresh bag of chips, pour an extra large margarita glass of water with lime, and get set to whip up some guacamole and call it dinner.  Except your cilantro is moldy, and you’re out of jalapeno peppers.  Or how about this one: You’re dying to try out that Cauliflower Fried Rice recipe you spied on my blog, but the thought of chopping onions and mincing garlic and ginger has you picking up the phone for takeout instead?  This has happened to me on more than one occasion people, and I’m gonna bet it’s happened to you too.  #TheStruggleIsReal.

So, when the folks at Dorot asked me to try their line of pre-portioned, fresh-frozen chopped garlic and herbs, I was curious.  And then, I was sold.  Here’s the scoop: Dorot grows their own garlic, basil, cilantro, parsley, chili and ginger. They’re picked at peak freshness, and flash frozen into convenient pre-portioned trays within 90 minutes of harvest.  No more wasting herbs when you only need a tablespoon or finding yourself out of herbs when you’re ready to cook.  No more chopping, or trying to guess how many teaspoons you’ve chopped.  No more trying to clean the green stuff or the garlic smell out of your cutting boards.  Yep – Dorot’s got you covered.

Want to try it?  Just because you’re a smart cook, you can click the image below to print a coupon.  Check out their website for their full line of herbs, garlic, sauteed onions, and chilis.  And it’s nice to share 🙂


The Smart Cook's Secret Ingredient|Craving Something Healthy


Dorot pre-portioned herbs are waiting for you at your grocery store.  But – You won’t find them here…


The Smart Cook's Secret Ingredient|Craving Something Healthy


Or here…


The Smart Cook's Secret Ingredient|Craving Something Healthy


You’re getting warmer – well, actually colder.  You’ll find them in the freezer section – with the vegetables.  They get along really well.  And they’ll last for A YEAR in your freezer.  Yay to long shelf life!


The Smart Cook's Secret Ingredient|Craving Something Healthy


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[box] Ready for some 30-second guacamole?  Pop 3 cubes of Dorot chopped cilantro, 1 cube of garlic, and 3 cubes of chopped chilis into a mixing bowl. Let them thaw while you scoop 2 medium avocados and the juice of 1 lime into the bowl. Mash it up, and season with salt.  Garnish with chopped scallions if desired.[/box]

Dorot Makes It Easy!



Don’t forget to get your coupon above!  Enjoy your secret ingredient, and eat well!



  1. AND THAT is exactly why I never ever ever buy fresh herbs – because I use like ONE spring in a recipe and the rest turn SOGGGYYYY and gross – such a waste of $$!

    1. Totally agree – but I SO love to always have herbs on hand just in case! This is a great solution!

  2. It’s so funny b/c growing up in a Jewish, kosher household, I thought Dorot was only found in the kosher section! I’m glad to see they’ve expanded and are going mainstream. Such a great product. And great job on your first video!

    1. Thanks Jessica 🙂 It is a great product, and if it was always in the Kosher section, that explains why I’ve never noticed it!

  3. Congrats on your first video! Nice! I need these for all of the times I want to use about one tablespoon of cilantro.

    1. Thanks Diane! Yes, everyone should have a package of cilantro in their freezer at all times!

  4. Way to go and you even instilled some humor into your video – love it (and that gorgeous white granite backdrop!

    1. Awww thanks! Hopefully you’ll see more now that I tackled the first one!

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