Support a Charity Every Time You Exercise With Charity Miles

I hate it when I have something kind of big on my to-do list, but there is something small in the way, and I keep forgetting to do the small thing, so I can’t ever get to the big thing.   Does that make any sense?

For a long time (since I found out about it and blogged about it a few months ago), I’ve wanted to sign up with Charity Miles (that’s the big thing).  It’s a free app (iPhone or android) that tracks the mileage on your walks, runs or bike rides, and donates money to the charity of your choice, for each mile you do.  I’m not an extreme exerciser, but I am pretty consistent, and I have a smartphone, which are the only 2 requirements.   So it’s a no brainer to sign up and raise money for a good cause, by doing something I already do.

However, I haven’t wanted to sign up until I get myself a new armband/iPhone holder thingamajig (that’s the small thing), so I don’t drop my phone.  The armband I currently use fits my still perfectly good 8-year-old iPod Nano, but not my phone. The problem is, the only time I think about the whole Charity Miles thing is when I’m out for a walk or a run, and then I forget about it again until the next time I go out to exercise.

Well good news!  I finally remembered to buy that iPhone armband yesterday, so I’m ready to go.   I’ve downloaded the app, set up a profile, and hopefully starting later today, I can start logging money for charities.  Walkers and runners earn 25¢ per mile, and bikers earn 10¢ per mile.  You can choose from one of 15 different charities, each time you log into the app.  Although the money raised from one work-out  might not seem like much, I’m pretty sure my total donations will add up by the end of the year.


All donations come from corporate sponsors, so Charity Miles will request that you support them by spreading the word about the program, and post your mileage to either Facebook or Twitter.  Seems like a small price to pay since I get to help someone else, and I don’t even have to open my wallet.   I suspect it might even make me go a little bit further.  How about you?

Do you think you would be more consistent about your exercise if you can earn money for charity?

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