Two Ways to Make More Money

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like the older you get, the faster the world moves?  Just when I think I’ve got it figured out, I run across someone or something that’s better, faster, newer or more slick.  If you work in marketing or social media, or if you maintain a blog, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you want to make more money (or if you just want to survive), you’ve got to invest in your career, so you can keep learning and keep up with the world around you.

SO,  I wanted to share 2 things that I use and love. One and can help you get better at blogging, and both will help you to earn a little more money.



Not like “I’m rich” money, but more like “hey I just had a new pair of shoes” money deposited into my checking account.   Every little bit counts, right?
My First Thing:

When I first set up this blog, I relied on the  wonderful community of Food Blogger Pro to help me learn about SEO, social media, photography, and generally any  questions I had about blogging. I truly believe the reason I’m still at it 4 1/2 years later, is because  with their help, I improved my photography, worked on my social media, gradually started to up my traffic, met some more incredibly helpful people along the way, and before too long, I started to earn a little bit of an income from this hobby.  Now I’m addicted.

It’s been a while since I checked in with Food Blogger Pro, but I tuned into a video bootcamp that they ran a few weeks ago.  Just from watching one tutorial webinar on how to make a video with your iPhone, I’m already so much better and more comfortable.  Really  –check it out!  While I can’t exactly say it went viral, that video did get a few thousand views on my blog and social media in the past few days.  If you want to learn some secrets that will help you to make better videos, download this free PDF from them by clicking on the image below.


7 essential tools for making recipe videos.


SO – I’m back as a member of Food Blogger Pro, because I want need to learn more and take my blog and career to the next level.  This time I’m  focused on building my nutrition communications business, which my blog is a part of.

Whether you’re new to blogging, or  just want an easy way to keep up with all of the changes that seem to happen as soon as you’ve mastered the last new thing, I HIGHLY recommend joining their community.  A year-long membership includes easy to follow videos, tutorials, and more tips and resources than you can ever imagine.  I promise, your membership will pay for itself over and over again.  A word of advice:  They only allow a certain number in to their program each year, so if membership is closed when you’re reading this, join their waiting list, and they’ll let you know when it’s time to sign up.



My Second Thing:

This one has absolutely nothing to do with blogging or making videos or anything work related at all.  It’s just a great way to make money by doing what we all love – SHOPPING!!  My sister turned my on to Ebates a few months ago, and I have to spread the love.

Just sign up on their website (if you click on the image below you’ll get $10 when you make your first purchase, and I’ll get a little bonus too),  install the Ebates extension onto your computer, or the app on your phone, and anytime you shop online, it will pop up and tell you how much you’ll earn by shopping through the Ebates link.  It seems to work on everything people!! I earned $9 the other day when I bought some video editing software, and $45 when I bought a subscription to Quickbooks.  My sister booked a hotel and flight through them and got $400 back!  Plus, they’ll put $extra in your account when you refer people to them.

One of my goals to up my blogging and professional game is to invest more money into my career. While I hate to spend money just to make money, it’s gotta be done – and this is one extremely painless way to do it.



Click to sign up and get $10 back from your first purchase!


And FYI – You can still earn you credit card cash back, or your airlines miles, or whatever other bonuses you’re already linked to – Ebates is just an added bonus on top of all that. Can you say Double Dip?  Each quarter, they’ll either mail you a check, or deposit your earnings into your Paypal account.  Cha- Ching!


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How do you keep up with this fast-changing work world?  If you’re self-employed, do you invest money into yourself and your career?

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click and sign up, I’ll receive a small commission which helps to improve this blog and further my career!  Thank you so much!!

Eat well!



  1. I totally agree that FBP is worth EVERY penny – I’ve learned so much from their tutorials, the community, the podcasts and continue to learn. And I LOVE ebates! And their extension app is so great! I’ve earned about $300 cash back over the past few years.

    1. You know what they say about great minds…!

  2. Anne this is great! I think you are spot on here and I need to take your advice. I am always so thrifty because going month to month with work that is always dynamic I fear if I invest in something, like a social media scheduling tool, I’ll be more in the hole than before lol. I know in order to make money you have to spend it, so thanks for reminding me! Can’t wait to watch you shake, rattle and roll!

    1. I and the thriftiest person one earth Liz, so I totally hear you! I always find if I bite the bullet and invest wisely, it does tend to pay off – or at least I make enough to cover what I’ve spent 🙂

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