Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

Are you a breakfast skipper?  If so, you’re not alone.  Although 93 percent of Americans asked, said they think it’s the most important meal of the day, an estimated 31 million (almost half) of us don’t eat it. 

Most skippers either aren’t hungry in the morning and skip to save (why spend the calories on breakfast when I don’t get hungry until later?), or they’re just too busy to take the time to make something.  So it’s coffee and out the door, and maybe grab a muffin or donut at work for a little energy. 

Whatever your reason for skipping breakfast, research shows if you can change this habit, it will benefit you in the end. 

Breakfast skippers tend to crave more and overeat later in the day, while breakfast eaters eat fewer calories throughout the day. They’re also far more likely to maintain a healthy weight.  People who eat a healthy breakfast that includes whole grains and protein, also tend to have lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and less insulin resistance.

So to all of you skippers out there – for the rest of March – I challenge you to eat breakfast each day, and just see how you feel.  Let me know if you have more energy, or if you can concentrate better, or if you feel like you are eating less during the day, or if you lose a little weight. 

For anyone who skips breakfast because you’re short on time, here are two great recipes that you can make ahead and grab and go.  Eat them in the car or at your desk.  No more excuses!

Coconut Mango Overnight Oatmeal by Ohmyveggies.com

I’ve mentioned before that I love oatmeal for breakfast (with a scoop of Greek yogurt) because it’s healthy and filling.  I often make overnight oatmeal with berries, but I LOVE this flavor combo and have been eating it all week!  Tastes like the tropics, despite the cold here in Boston.  I also love the idea of making it in a mason jar – make a few so you have several days’ worth.

Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups by Iowagirleats.com

Eggs are always a good breakfast protein, but who would think of pairing them with quinoa?  These mini ham and cheese quinoa cups hit it out of the park!  They’re a great way to use up leftover quinoa, and a few of these will hold you the entire morning.  Experiment with different fillings – I tried ham and cheese plus spinach, mushroom, and red pepper.  Yum!

Do you have any favorite breakfast recipes?  If so, please share them!

Eat well!

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