What’s New in Food? Predictions for 2015

Fashion, interior design, electronics – pretty much any industry you can think of – they all have trends. It’s what keeps you wanting the latest and greatest. But did you ever think about food trends? Sure – the food industry has to keep things interesting too.  Food trends are based a lots of different things – nutrition research is always important (you didn’t think all of the hype about avocados came from nowhere did you?), marketing dollars, of course, and sometimes it’s just lots of creative input from food scientists and what you – the consumer is demanding.

I’ve been reading lots of predictions for this coming year – some are interesting and I’m looking forward to trying. Others… I’m not so sure about. I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve already written about and created recipes for many of these trends! What do you think about these predicted trends?

Flavor and meal trends for from New York based flavor technologist Comax:

Butterscotch Curry

Sriracha Maple


Bourbon caramel pistachio

Pecan chipotle

And all-day breakfasts featuring chicken and waffles, honey banana oatmeal, and s’mores pancakes. YES!

Restaurant trends from the National Restaurant Association:

Edible cocktails

Bite sized appetizers

Local, sustainable, minimally processed menu items and a focus on food waste reduction.

Mini desserts and artisan ice creams

Peruvian cuisine

Picked vegetables

Forbidden rice

General trends from Bon Appetit:

Tacos tacos tacos!

Nitro Coffee – cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen. AKA coffee bombs

Cooking with “herb” – I’m not talking about not the legal kinds that we can all grow in our gardens… Think cannabis cuisine

Beef tongue


Functional food trends from the Institute of Food Technologists:


Real food – made with real ingredients

Meat and dairy alternatives

Performance nutrition products

And last but not least – how do you feel about crickets in your energy bars or grasshoppers in your taco? They’re quite sustainable and supposed to be high in protein…

Have you eaten any interesting and trendy food lately?

Eat well!


  1. I don’t know how I feel about butterscotch curry, but I think the world would be a better place with more real food, tacos, and minimally processed foods. I’m really intrigued by nitro coffee- gotta see if I can find it somewhere in my city!

    1. I agree with the real food and yes – to tacos! Probably Bed Bath and Beyond will have nitro coffee makers soon!

  2. BroccoLeaf! For me, it is the new greens on the block. I think it is more mild than kale, and the stalks are incredibly sweet, great for dipping into any dip. If I want to make a sandwich wrap, I simply put a large, dry Broccoleaf in the toaster oven for a minute or two to soften it, and I have an instant ready to go wrapper for my sandwich. Whatever you do with kale you can do with this newly available vegetable.

    1. Whoa – I have to check that out – haven’t see or heard about it! Thanks for stopping by and sharing that great tip!

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