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5 Numbers You Need to Know to Protect Your Heart

When it comes to heart disease, there’s a lot to know. What’s good to eat, and what’s not so good. Will this raise my cholesterol, or lower it? Good fat, bad fat – or is it more about sugar? How much exercise is recommended? Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and what they heck are triglycerides?

Yep. It’s complicated. Your heart (and everything that goes along with it to keep it pumping for a long, long time), is really complex, and part of the reason it gets confusing for the average consumer AKA you – is that we’re always learning more about it, and sometimes, what we thought was true wasn’t. Case point, the latest research on saturated fat, and the newest suggestion just last week that we drop the concerns about dietary cholesterol. Sigh… Research… Continue Reading..

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