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Browse hundreds of easy Mediterranean diet-inspired recipes and nutrition articles on healthy aging by nutritionist Anne Danahy RD. Eat delicious food every day and live your best life doing it!

Light and Healthy Recipes For Spring

Spring is here, and it's time to peel back the layers and hit the farmers' markets. Load up on lots of fresh produce and use it in some of these tasty and fresh spring recipes.

How to Age Well: Nutrition Tips & Topics

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I'm Anne Danahy, a Scottsdale, AZ-based registered dietitian and integrative nutritionist specializing in the Mediterranean diet and healthy aging. I love cold-brewed coffee, big, colorful salads, cozy soup, and cream cheese frosting. Learn more about me here. Come visit my kitchen and let's make something delicious today

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I'm a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in women's health, healthy aging, and chronic disease prevention. I create easy, healthy Mediterranean diet-inspired recipes because I've done a deep dive into the research, and I'm convinced the Mediterranean diet has magical powers. Plus, it's delicious!

If you browse my evidence-based nutrition and wellness articles, you'll earn how to use food and a healthy lifestyle to minimize menopause symptoms and prevent and manage chronic age-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

And if you need inspiration in the kitchen, I've got you covered with lots of mostly healthy low-glycemic, Mediterranean diet-inspired recipes. There might be a few treats thrown in there too — because I'm a big believer of everything in moderation!