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Breakfast for Dinner {Meatless Monday}

Remember when you were a kid and your mom made pancakes and sausages for dinner sometimes, and you were all “mom you’re the best!” And “this is so fun, let’s do it all the time!”?

Well, maybe (probably) you really do have the best mom in the world, but chances are your mom (or dad) was probably just really busy and forgot to thaw out the meat, or was out of anything that might resemble dinner food.  So they got creative and served breakfast for dinner.

If you usually eat a good healthy breakfast (and by healthy I mean a meal consisting of a protein, a fruit or vegetable and a whole grain – not a donut, muffin or a “bar” washed down with some coffee), then you probably know that breakfast food can be really delicious, in addition to nutritious and filling. It’s a great opportunity to get a quick and easy well-balanced meal.  Breakfast foods also include lots of great non-meat proteins like eggs or dairy foods, or even beans or tofu, which means having breakfast for dinner is an easy way to do Meatless Monday.

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