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Refrigerator Zesty Zucchini Pickles

Does your mouth water when you pass by the pickle section in the grocery store?  Just wondering, because mine does.  Every time.  And I’ve always wondered if the same thing happens to anyone else.  Sometimes if I see someone I know down the aisle, I’ll have to look away from the pickles, for fear that I’ll drool all over myself as I’m saying hi.

Ooo sorry – I just realized what an inappropriate visual and  intro that is to a post about a truly delicious food item.  I just really happen to love pickles, or anything pickled for that matter.  One of these days I’m going to get over my fear of canning vegetables and getting (or giving someone else) botulism, and I’m truly going to learn how to make real pickles that can sit in the pantry until I eat them one day in the middle of winter. Continue Reading..

Zucchini Fritters with Corn and Hatch Chiles

How do you feel about zucchini? If you’re a gardener, you probably love them because they are so easy to grow, and they make you feel like you really know what you’re doing out there. If you have a spiralizer, you probably love them too, because they make totally awesome veggie noodles AKA “zoodles”. Other than that though, I always feel like most people throw them in some ratatouille, or grill up a few slices, and decide they really don’t love zucchini. Continue Reading..

Sweet and Spicy Zucchini Relish

As a nutritionist, I certainly appreciate food for the good things (or not so good things) it does for our bodies. Health stuff aside though, I’ve always said one of the biggest reasons I love food is for the memories it makes for everyone. Food plays such an important role in shaping our lives and making us who we are. Every holiday, season, birth, death – people celebrate or mourn with food. I think it’s especially amazing how sometimes just a taste or smell or the act of making a certain food will remind you so much of someone you love, or miss. Continue Reading..

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