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Garden Stuffed Sweet Peppers {Recipe ReDux}

Wow. I feel like I’m always saying this, and I know it’s a fact that as you get older, time really does move faster, but I can’t believe it’s fall already! Geez, wasn’t Memorial Day just last week? Is there some sort of scientific explanation why summer flies by even faster than the rest of the year?

This month, the Recipe ReDux theme is Fantastic Freezer Meals. They asked us to share tips and recipes that feature ways to stretch out the season just a little bit longer by showcasing the last of that summer produce in some heat and eat from the freezer meals. I used to be a major freezer-meals-mom. I have more freezer-safe plastic containers than I know what to do with, and of course I have a FoodSaver complete with every assorted accessory and bag size. I used to store everything from leftover hunks of cheese, to fresh breadcrumbs made from the ends of baguettes, to soups, stews and of course those huge family packs of chicken and beef. Continue Reading..

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