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Five Reasons To Eat A Plant Based Diet

Remember when vegetarians and vegans were thought of as tree hugging, longhaired hippies who wore Birkenstocks and hemp and got a strange satisfaction out of depriving themselves of good food?  Well the times, they are a-changin’!  There’s been a quiet movement underway for the past few years, and it seems to me that it’s really starting to gain some noise and momentum.

According to the most recent stats compiled by the Vegetarian Resource Group, almost half of all Americans eat a vegetarian meal at least once per week, and about 9 million American adults (4% of the adult population) consider themselves to be vegetarian (no meat, poultry, or fish) or vegan (no animal products at all).  Whether it’s a result of the Meatless Monday push, or documentaries like Food, Inc. or Forks Over Knives, or non-hemp wearing celebrities like Bill Clinton, Brad Pitt and the amazing 90 year old Betty White, Americans seem to be embracing the plant-based diet, and good for us!  Literally.  Here’s what, why and how to jump on the bandwagon.
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