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3-Seed Whole Grain & Kefir Quick Bread

It’s soup season!  Make some for dinner tonight, and serve it with this whole grain quick bread, warm from the oven.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by ReganMillerJones Inc. and the General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition on behalf of Progresso™ .  I received free samples of the soup mentioned in the post and I was compensated for my time. As always, opinions are my own.

I might have mentioned a few dozen or so times, that I’m pretty much addicted to soup, especially when it’s served with fresh quick bread, warm from the oven.  Is there anything better when the weather is cool, cold, or even warmish?? When I lived in Boston, I could eat it all year long. Now, with the 100+ temps in AZ for several months of the year, I’ve had to cut back a bit, but February is soup season, so I’m in full soup swing – it’s like a big hug or a warm blanket on a cold night.  Soup is also my “secret weapon” for balancing any winter weight that might come from indulging in a few too many sweet treats or comfort foods during these long winter months. Eating vegetable or broth-based soups can fill you up for not a whole lot of calories – in fact, research suggests that people who eat soup tend to have healthier body weights. Continue Reading..

Apple Cheddar Beer Batter Bread

Do you like to bake bread?  Wait.  Silly me, let me rephrase that.  Do you wish you had the time and energy to measure, mix, knead, wait two hours for it to rise, punch, fold, proof, punch again, and then bake bread?  I think I tried making yeast bread once and I was so exhausted by the end that I didn’t even have the energy to eat it.  And then it was stale.  I really admire people who can do it, but it’s WAY too much work for me.

Thank heavens for beer batter bread, because there is something so wonderful about hot, fresh bread with a bowl of soup or chili or chowder.  I discovered beer bread a while ago, and I think it’s nothing short of a miracle, because the beer does all the work for you.  Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, mix until blended, put it in a loaf pan and bake.  I’m not kidding. Continue Reading..

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