5 Simple Tips to Lose 5 Pounds by Spring

Who wants to lose 5 pounds by spring? We're counting down, and that means it's time to get in shape for shorts weather!

Ahhh Happy March --  the month where you finally start to feel like there’s warmth and sunshine at the end of the tunnel.  Let's not talk about how for most of the country, March is just one big tease.  You know - the stores are putting out racks of bathing suits, shorts and t-shirts, while it’s gray and sleeting outside.  Deep breath.  If you think it, Spring.  Will.  Come.

In the meantime, it’s a perfect time to do some spring cleaning and scrub away those few pounds that crept on over the winter when you weren’t looking.  You know, the unwanted visitor that manages to overstay its welcome every year…

I recently read somewhere that “diet” is this year’s dirty word.  As in, no one diets anymore.  Hooray to that!  Because in case you haven’t noticed, diets don’t work.  They’re meant to be a short-term solution, and when it comes to wellness and maintaining a healthy weight, it really has to be a permanent lifestyle change.  So we have 20 days until spring – instead of crash-dieting your way to thinner thighs, try these 5 simple healthy lifestyle tips, that I promise will have you  waving buh bye to your 5 pound winter visitor by the time you try on those shorts, and if you keep these up, it might just never visit again.

  1. Eat at home at least 5 days each week.  A recent study found that the average restaurant meal contains over 1,300 calories. That’s about half a day’s worth for many women. Even if you’re ordering the healthiest item on the menu, I promise you, it will have several hundred calories more than what you would prepare yourself.  Fire up the stove, and start cooking.
  1. Eat real food. Kind of obvious, I know, but check your pantry and fridge.  Make sure there is nothing in there that has more than 3 or 4 ingredients on the label.  Better yet, get into the habit of only buying foods that don’t need an ingredient label – fat cells thrive on fake foods.
  1. Invest some money in a personal trainer. I know – you already work out.  And that’s the problem.  Your body is completely used to what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.  A good personal trainer will be able to help you to mix up your workout and push you to work harder, so you’ll burn more calories in the same amount of time.  Use the money you’ll save on dining out, and book 3-4 sessions with a trainer. Do exactly what they tell you, and you won’t recognize yourself in a few weeks.
  1. Snack more. This sounds crazy, but far too many people can’t lose weight or get over the hump because they don’t eat enough.  A super-low calorie diet causes your body to slow down and go into starvation mode.  Try to eat 3 small meals and 2 healthy snacks that include a good source of protein, a whole grain carb, and some fruit or vegetables.
  1. Get your zzzzzs. Studies on sleep and wellness overwhelmingly indicate that night owls, shift workers, and insomniacs all have trouble losing weight.  They are also more at risk for metabolic disturbances that can lead to diabetes and heart disease.  Turn off the iPad and get to bed!

Give some (or all) of these a try, and let me know if you shake those 5 pounds in the next 20 days!

Eat well!

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