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6 Ways to Detox for Spring

Spring is all about new, fresh starts. Mostly because half the world has been buried in cold and snow and hiding under layers. This year in particular, it’s been lots and lots of layers. Now, the reality that it’s time to start shedding sets in, and thoughts automatically turn to healthier eating and getting back in shape.   The word detox is thrown around quite often, but detoxing, or purging the bad stuff so you can take in more of the good stuff isn’t as easy as just drinking some green juice.

Clean eating definitely helps get rid of lots of the bad stuff you may have been taking in all winter, and so does some good, regular exercise. For me though, detoxing my mind is always the hardest part. I get way too caught up in the troubles of the day, or week and thinking about tomorrow and where I want to be instead of where I am today. As a result, I forget to just live and notice and be grateful for the wonderful parts of today. When I work harder on it, I feel so much better. Cleaner almost. Continue Reading..

Lemon Garlic & Rosemary Marinade

I planted a lemon tree! Actually the nursery that I bought it from planted it, but that’s a minor detail. The fact is – I have a lemon tree, and more importantly, I FINALLY live in a place that lemon trees can grow. Outside. All year long. Hooray for me and also for everyone who has listened to me complain about the weather, how cold I am, how I have to wear those fingerless gloves when I type, etc, etc, etc. No more of that for me!  Continue Reading..

Grilled Vegetable Tart {Recipe ReDux}

Don’t eat it all!! I need the leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner! If I could have a dollar for every time I said that to my family over the years, I’d be one rich mama. You see, even though I enjoy cooking, the thing I enjoy even more is a 2 for 1 dinner. Not to be confused with run of the mill old leftovers, two for ones (or twofers) are pure culinary timesaving genius. You know, it’s like when you roast a whole chicken, to serve with mashed potatoes and vegetables, and then repurpose the leftovers for something completely different like fajitas, the next night. Twofers are like a gift from the dinner gods. There’s just nothing better than knowing dinner is mostly made when it’s just first thing in the morning. Continue Reading..

Skip the Diet. Get Slim By Design Instead

I was invited to review Slim By Design by the publisher, and I received a free copy of the book. I was not compensated for my time, but this post does include an affiliate link, and I will receive a small commission if you purchase the book through Amazon.  As always, all opinions are my own.


Brian Wansink PhD, is the Director of Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab, and he has the coolest job in the world. Wansink and his team of researchers get to travel the world and go into peoples’ homes, workplaces, and basically anywhere food is served, and they watch what, when, and where and how people eat. They analyze what they see, how much people spend at restaurants, what’s in their grocery carts, and then, they make suggestions to change the eating environment to help individuals make better choices.

I love that, because as a registered dietitian nutritionist, we focus a lot on why people eat, and what they eat, and sometimes usually that’s a challenge. Most people have a really hard time tackling the whys-  too touchy-feely and emotional. And let’s not even start on the Eat-This –Not-That part of nutrition. I guess that’s why RDs have the Food Police reputation. Continue Reading..

Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken Asparagus Casserole

Time for Restaurant Trivia.  Does anyone out there remember The Magic Pan? It was an ‘80s icon chain restaurant located in pretty much every mall in America and they specialized in crepes. I honestly have no idea if they only served crepes, or if they had other things on their menu, because loved The Magic Pan for one dish, and one dish only – The Chicken Divan Crepes. I remember eating there pretty often, but I never remember eating anything but that one dish, which was always preceded by their Mandarin Orange Almond Salad. I know, my taste buds were oh so refined in the ‘80s. Continue Reading..

Sweet Cherry Almond Breakfast Risotto

By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by USA Rice Federation, and I am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.

I love it when I find a new way to use a familiar thing. Like adding a marshmallow to the brown sugar bag to keep it soft. Or using vinegar to remove mineral deposits from the shower glass. Or using toothpaste to get your diamond rings to sparkle when you’re on vacation and they’re caked up with sunscreen. LOVE it when I see something in a whole new way – it makes me feel so creative :)

This month, the USA Rice Federation challenged members of the Recipe ReDux to Think Rice for National Nutrition Month – so I decided to try to look at this familiar favorite in a whole new way, and I gotta tell you – I’m feeling kind of creative right now! Continue Reading..

How to ID a Real Nutritionist

Happy Registered Dietitian day to all of my smart, fabulous, hard working RDN (registered dietitian nutritionist) friends and colleagues out there!  How cool is it that we have our own day?  RDNs work hard to educate the public about healthy eating, and present scientifically backed facts and advice about food and health.  Our advice might not always be all sexy and mind blowing, but it’s sound and based on research, and that’s what sets apart from many other “nutritionists”. Continue Reading..

Rice Frittata with Caramelized Tomatoes Asparagus & Smo...

By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by USA Rice Federation and I am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time but as usual, all opinions are my own.

How much do you know about rice? I’ll bet you don’t think about it much, unless the server at the Chinese restaurant forgets to bring it to the table!  Rice is actually a pretty important food, and a great choice to talk about (and eat more of) for National Nutrition Month, and all year long.  This month, The USA Rice Federation challenged members of the Recipe ReDux to Think Rice – and show you how and why healthy cooks love to include rice in our meals.

So let’s have a pop quiz about rice! Continue Reading..

A Great Reason to Love Peanuts

Hello, luscious, creamy vat of peanut butter. I’m diving in. Before I do though – does anyone know who invented peanut butter? Or any nut butter for that matter? I have no idea, I’m just throwing it out for conversation. Cause they certainly should get a Nobel Prize. Or something. Continue Reading..

7 Grab ‘n Go Breakfast Recipes

Let’s get our breakfast on starting this week people! March is National Nutrition Month, and this year, the theme is Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle. Lots of research shows that breakfast eaters tend to have better eating habits throughout the day, and an easier time maintaining a healthy weight, so, how ‘bout we start the month by biting into some good-for-you breakfast ideas?

We all know making it is the hardest part about breakfast. So get out your grocery list and work on your plan-ahead skills. Most of these high-energy recipes are easy enough to throw together at night, so breakfast is ready to grab and go when you are. Continue Reading..

Miso Noodle Bowls With Tofu and Mushrooms

Why is it that food served in a bowl just makes you feel all warm and happy? Think about it. Soup, stew, cereal, and creamy, saucy pot pies – they’re all just perfect comfort in a bowl. Even foods that don’t have to be served in a bowl seem to make you feel happy when you eat them from a bowl.  Yes, mac and cheese, and saucy pasta, I’m talking about you.  I’ve been craving some bowl food lately. Something not quite soup, not quite pasta, but still slurpy. The kind of meal you need both a fork and a spoon to eat. Continue Reading..

If You Think You’re Addicted to Chocolate You’re Not Alone...

Have you ever been eating say… French fries, your favorite flavor of ice cream, a package of Oreos or tortilla chips and said (or just thought) OMG I am SO addicted to these… Now think, have you ever been eating baby carrots or a kale salad or cucumbers, and thought the same thing? Yeah. Me neither. Turns out, someone paid researchers at the University of Michigan to confirm what we all know is true. Highly processed and junk foods are more addictive than healthy foods.  Continue Reading..

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