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Marinated Bocconcini

Sometimes, when it comes to cooking and kitchen experiments, I get a little too ambitious. I love making my own homemade pizza dough, and then I remember that the one that they sell from behind the counter at the Safeway bakery is actually quite delicious. I also think it’s great to bake bread or cinnamon rolls. Until I remember I have to run out and don’t have time for that second rise… I’ve also been known to make my own pasta once in a blue moon. Thank God there aren’t many blue moons, because, the mess… And I actually prefer the homemade pasta from the Italian market better. Continue Reading..

Pumpkin for Dinner! 10 Recipes for Meatless Monday

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of October.  I’ve been seeing pumpkins and squash and other Hallowween-y things at the grocery store, Target, and Home Depot (pretty much the only 3 places I’ve been visiting lately) but it just dawned on me that we’re fast coming up on Halloween, and before we know it, we’ll be knee deep in the holidays.  This is my very first fall in the southwest, and I’m having trouble with the whole pumpkin and warm spicy thing, because I’m still sitting here in shorts and flip flops drinking pumpkin spiced ICED lattes.  I”M LOVING IT!!


So I’m probably not going to do much of the pumpkin baking thing – although I did make pumpkin bread croutons for my kale salad the other day.  Instead, I’ve decided to celebrate this very seasonal and very healthy fruit (pumpkins are technically berries!) by sharing a roundup of savory, meatless dinner recipes.  I’ve always known pumpkin is healthy – its beautiful bright orange color is a dead giveaway that it’s full of beta carotene, the same antioxidant that’s in carrots.  It’s beneficial for your eyesight, cancer prevention and heart health, and the seeds are loaded with healthy fats and minerals.  Canned pumpkin is the easiest to cook with – but if you want to be adventurous, buy a small, sugar pumpkin, give it a poke with a sharp knife, and microwave it on high for 7 minutes per pound.  Cut, scoop, roast the seeds, and experiment with the flesh.  One cup of pumpkin has about 49 calories, and judging from these recipes, a whole lot of flavor!     Continue Reading..

The Big Fat Debate – Should We or Should We Not Be Eat...

You’ve probably seen a few headlines in the news recently about saturated fat. It seems that now research studies are finding out that it’s not so bad for us after all… Or is it? Let’s get the facts straight.

The most recent research in question was big, and it was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, in March 2014. European researchers examined and compiled the results of 72 previous studies on saturated fat and heart health, and they found no link between saturated fat and heart disease. They also found no significant evidence that omega-3 and moega-6 polyunsaturated fats protect the heart.

Of course ice cream and butter eaters everywhere rejoiced with a loud “told you so!” – while those of us who are more cautious were left scratching our heads and wondering if we have a green light to fry up some bacon, and does it really matter what we eat any more? Continue Reading..

Dinner or Breakfast Pasta Carbonara Frittata

By posting this recipe I am entering a recipe contest sponsored by the National Pasta Association, and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time, and all opinions are my own.

Remember pasta? Not rice pasta, or buckwheat noodles, or even zoodles, but real, honest to goodness, before the days of gluten free just because it’s fashionable, or Paleo madness – PASTA.  Insert long sad sigh here…

Well, here’s some news folks. This mostly healthy eating RD hasn’t given up pasta, and I never plan to. I love it because it’s a quick and inexpensive meal that can be dressed up for company, or down for just me and you, and prepared in a matter of minutes. Perfect for a busy lifestyle. I also love pasta because it’s a perfect base to pair with protein and vegetables, to make a really healthy high energy meal. Finally, I love it because sometimes there’s nothing else that satisfies me like a big bowl of pasta. Continue Reading..

Harvest Salad with Baby Kale and Pumpkin Bread Croutons

In case you missed it Wednesday was National Kale Day.  Yes, vegans, health nuts, and leafy greens lovers every where finally get a day to celebrate this superfood which is met with mixed emotions most everywhere except on food blogs.  In case you missed it this year, make a note – the first Wednesday in October from here on out – #NationalKaleDay.

My last post featured a round up of some fabulicious recipes from equally fab bloggers, as well as a few fun facts and health tips about Kale.  Check it out if you want some really creative uses for kale.  Today, it’s just a salad – but a salad that I think appeals to both kale lovers and kale on-the-fencers.  Because baby kale, isn’t at all like it’s grown up, wrinkly and let’s face it – tough much older sibling.  Baby kale is tender, sweet, and just perfect for eating raw.  Or for just testing the kale waters if you’re not really sure about the whole thing. Continue Reading..

All Hail To The Kale!

OK – I’ll say it again. Is there a food on this earth that doesn’t have it’s own day? Yup, you guessed it, today is National Kale Day. Last year was the first ever National Kale Day, and someone, somewhere declared the first Wednesday in October from here on out to be a major celebration of this vegetable with a cult-like following.  What?  You don’t have an event planned?

I don’t even know how I found out about National Kale Day, and normally I would just roll my eyes and shake my head, but hey, it’s a good blog prompt right?   I have a new baby Kale salad recipe to share with you soon, but since it’s such a big and important day to celebrate kale, let’s learn all about this weird and trendy leafy green and share a round up of some really creative ways to use it.  Continue Reading..

Cinnamon Raisin Butter

I was asked to participate in the “California Raisins. Sweet. Naturally.” campaign as a member of the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network. I received free samples of the California raisins mentioned in this post, and I was compensated for my time, but as always, all opinions are my own.


Is there a person on this earth who doesn’t crave a snack around 3:00 each day? It’s like clockwork, whether you’re young or old — there’s a teeny (or sometimes screaming loud) voice inside your head that says “feed me or else!” right smack in the middle of the afternoon. Anyone with kids knows all about the complete physical and mental breakdown that occurs when one is unprepared for the Hangry Horrors. But offer them something delicious, filling, and healthy, and that afternoon snack can easily turn evil little monsters into happy, sweet and energetic angels.


Well, guess what? Even though most adults can do a good job of controlling our hangry tantrums (it doesn’t look so good after all, to have a breakdown in the middle of a business meeting) even grownups still need a healthy snack in the mid-afternoon. Imagine how much happier the world and especially our workplace would be with snack and nap at 3:00 each day. Just sayin…   Continue Reading..

10 Healthier Tailgate Recipes

Things are starting to get pretty heated up around here. No, I’m not talking about any household feuding (that’s pretty much a given), or any hot cooking contests – I’m talking football and tailgating! We’re Notre Dame alums, so no matter what we’re doing on Saturday, we have to be in front of the TV at game time -there’s not really an option there. My boy is down at Clemson, so sometimes we have to double screen the TV on Saturdays, and then of course there’s Sunday football.

Sure the games are fun, but if you’re anything like me, the best part of football is the tailgating. It can rank right up there with holiday feast planning and eating, but whatever you do, don’t let it be an excuse to fill up on junk and pack on the pounds. Keep it on the lighter side with these 10 Healthier Tailgate Recipes that will score major points with your team!  Continue Reading..

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