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Kahlua Cocount Ice Cream with Mexican Hot Fudge Sauce {Recip...

Holy please stop the calendar from flipping so fast – it’s already the end of July! July 22 to be exact, which means that it’s time for a Recipe ReDux post, but I also just realized we’re heading into the last unofficial month of summer already! Yikes! To make myself feel just a little bit better about the fact that time really does fly when you get old, I have a decadent little treat to share today. The theme for this month’s ReDux is A Spirited ReDux, and we were challenged to share our healthy recipe with spirit- ie spirits, extracts, and other alcohols. Continue Reading..

Greek Chicken and Orzo Salad

I’ve been feeling a little bit stretched in many different directions lately because we’re moving! I’ll share details about when, where and how soon – don’t want to jinx anything. So let’s just say I have lists of things to do today, tomorrow, within a week and within a month all over the place, boxes are starting to pile up in each room, random people are stopping by my house to buy my junk treasures, and I’m trying to work and create a recipe or two for you in between it all. Continue Reading..

10 Ways to LOVE Strawberries

Oh sweet strawberries – how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… We all know I love strawberries for their health benefits. They’re one of the best sources of antioxidants and plant compounds that protect us from lots of bad stuff. But just between you and me, I also love them because the scream SUMMER, and they just taste so darn good. I’ll admit I used to be one of those people who only ate them for dessert. Usually in a strawberry rhubarb pie. Or just fresh strawberries with some whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But lately, I’ve been using them in all kinds of crazy ways. Continue Reading..

Grilled Vegetable Flatbread Pizza

So the Fourth of July weekend ended with something we’ve I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.  Clean out the garage!  I know, wa wa wa, kind of a sorry way to spend a long holiday weekend.  But hey, it was just a day, not the entire weekend.  AND – we got it done.  Everything was removed, placed in its respective pile – Toss, Keep, Donate (OK, we did have a few items on the Contemplation pile, but the rule was it couldn’t stay there for more than 30 minutes), and the place was swept out and cleaned up.  We’ve been in our home for many years, and it’s amazing disgusting how much crap you accumulate.  And even more disgusting how hard it is to part with the crap. Continue Reading..

Summer Harvest Vegetable Ceviche

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of ceviche. If you’re not familiar, it’s a South American dish made with raw fish, that’s been “cooked” in a mixture of citrus juices like lemon, lime, or orange and seasoned with onion, chili peppers and herbs. The acids in the juice break down the proteins in the fish, and give it the appearance of being cooked.

The only tiny issue I have with ceviche is that while the acid breaks down the proteins, it really doesn’t do much to kill any bacteria or toxins in the fish. So unless you are completely certain that your fish is super fresh and here’s the important part - toxin free (almost impossible to know), you may run the risk Continue Reading..

10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Are you taking a car road trip this summer? Or are you more of a plane person? Either way, the right snacks always make the journey more pleasant, right? Whenever I plan a vacation, I try to remember to bring along a few healthy snacks. Certainly you need them for a long car ride, but you also never know when you’ll be stranded at the airport. Or on the tarmac. With the snack and beverage carts locked up. Yikes. It’s so easy to blow a day’s worth of healthy eating on truck-stop fast food, or overpriced airport grub. So make sure you plan ahead, and bring some fruit, lots of bottled water (for the car, not the security line), and a few of these healthy snacks I’ve gathered up from some awesome bloggers (and a few of my own)! Happy travels :)  Continue Reading..

Very Berry Spinach Salad with Popped Quinoa & Citrus Yo...

I have a lot of favorite things about summer. The weather, the sun, the very much smaller loads of laundry from very much smaller clothes, the way that life just seems so much easier and slower, and of course, the berries! I love fresh berries, and yes, I know you can actually get them year round, but at $4.99 for a tiny little container, I say NO WAY. So I really, really, love it when I see prices in the $2.99 range, and I can hardly contain myself when I see a good buy one get one! Continue Reading..

5 Reasons to Shop at a Farmers Market

It’s finally Farmers Market time here in New England, and hopefully it is where you are too.   If you haven’t shopped at a farmers market in the past, there’s no better time to start. Business is booming all across the country, with more than 8100 markets counted as of 2013. Supporting your local farmers market or the small farmer down the street has so many important benefits for you, your health, and the planet.  Continue Reading..

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